It’s official, my workmates are crazy

It's official, my workmates are crazy.

Titled: Tanny’s first expedition!
One of the larrikin posts that my sweet colleague created.

For the past two weeks, my fellow marketing/web colleagues at UTS International had beavered away at a top-level secret project. All was revealed when I suddenly discovered that I was now the proud focus of a ridiculously funny farewell page on Facebook. It’s called Tawny Port: Publishing Superstar.

Please let me add again, I have nothing to do with it.

Do go see it – It’s full of inappropriate seal jokes and incredibly well-photoshopped images of myself in traditional Inuit costumes, fur jackets, and so on. There’s also a photo of the iconic brutalist UTS building surrounded by snow. I’m going to set up a campus over there, according to the caption.

Even my manager jumped in on the act. She sent out an email to our unit’s mailing list asking them to contribute comments to the page. I can only imagine the message:

“Dear all,
It would be most helpful if you send seal jokes to this page.
Tanny’s manager”

I did puzzle over how I could have missed this email.

It turns out that I didn’t receive it – because my manager removed me from the mailing list!

What pure deviation.

I only found out about it at my team lunch today, when I was casually tagged in a photo. Utter, utter confusion at first. And then hoots of laughter.

I’m really quite touched. There was so much thought put behind setting up this page. It was also tongue-in-cheek and of special significance because I was heavily involved with the social media project last year.

Only copious amounts of creativity and looniness could result in jokes like this:

So, thank you to everyone who pitched in to create this page, I will always cherish this effort. It’s so special to have colleagues who are not only good at their job, but also care, are considerate and are creative and crazy too. I will miss working with you.


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