For twenty-five minutes I was flying.

Yesterday, another unexpected surprise came my way while on a beach holiday at Stanwell Park with two of my sweetest friends.

Mei and Amber, who both have a fear of heights, threw me off into the unknown earlier than I had anticipated – they sent me hang gliding off a cliff!

It was a fitting surprise for a person who’s definitely jumping into the deep end without much of a life jacket.

Stanwell Tops is famous as one of the best places for hang gliding in Australia. It felt surreal to fly like a bird, to see the impressive cliffs and escarpment looming over a series of secluded beaches. At one point, I let go of my tandem pilot and just hung from a hook. I was at peace with the world. Though the experience lasted for about half an hour, I did feel that time stood still.

Thank you lovelies for this experience, and for being the audio and video directors of my little video – all edited on the smart phone.

2 thoughts on “For twenty-five minutes I was flying.

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