From bikini to winter jacket: the journey begins.

It finally hit me that I was leaving Sydney for a colder climate when I tried on ski thermals on a bloody hot Australia Day.

At 7 o’clock tonight I’m going to be boarding a plane on a one-way ticket to the Northern hemisphere. First stop, Copenhagen. In a month or two, it’ll be Nuuk. From bikini to winter jacket and beach to snow, oh my!

It’s been a hectic whirlwind the past two weeks – I guess leaving somewhere does that to you. I finished work, attended a good friend’s wedding, moved out of my rental, went for a girls’ getaway, did something slightly underground to my hair, said goodbye to as many friends as possible, packed up my room at home, stuffed my suitcase and spent some time with my loved ones. Oh, and courtesy of my friends, I jumped off a cliff and went hang gliding.

Despite all of the hyperactivity and lack of sleep, I’ve been strangely calm about leaving.

I’ve had to answer some incredulous questions, but I think that overall, my closest friends and family have been supportive of my plans. It’s made me appreciate positive people even more – I enjoy being surrounded by those who view change as opportunities and not just risks and negatives. It’s been heart warming to have my dad, the walking encyclopaedia, pepper me with new funny facts about the Artic, I learn something new everyday. My mum has been showing her love through food; she’s been cooking my favourite vege and meat dishes since fresh groceries will be expensive over there. I’ve been overwhelmed by kindness from my friends too – they’ve gifted me with socks, thermals, ugg boots, possum wool gloves, tea, bags, lollies, a Kobo e-book reader, similar to a Kindle…all warm and useful things!

I suppose it sunk in that I wasn’t going to Denmark anymore when I had to repack my suitcase. Denmark was going to be a long-term sojourn, and although it’s colder than Sydney, I had still made space for some lovely silks and flimsy dresses. Unfortunately, summer fashion is redundant in Greenland.

So off I went to buy some thermals, on a bloody hot stinking Australia Day. I’ll admit it and sound shallow; it was somewhat painful to let go of my gorgeous and comparatively wispy clothes to make space for warmer gear in my suitcase. I wonder what catwalks look like in the Artic… wobble wobble wobble ha ha ha!

Still, it will probably be good to go back to not ‘needing’ so much and living on the bare basics. Once upon time, when I was a poor student, I used to need much less. It’s time to appreciate life for its simple and natural pleasures!

I’ll let you know how I get on…

Will miss summer days!

Will miss summer days!

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