An Inuit without the fur and sealskins?

They say that Greenland and Denmark have opposing weather patterns – a mild winter in Denmark means a freezing one in Greenland.

The day that I arrived in Denmark (after a looooong 41 hour trip) it was a balmy 8 degrees celsius. That’s beautiful and fresh when it’s a clear sunny day – and mild by Danish winter standards. So yes, I have to prepare for colder days!

For my birthday which was shortly after touchdown, my dear Danish family gave me some winter gear to get ready for Greenlandic weather. I’m wearing it all in this video:

The thickest, heaviest jacket I’d ever seen. It’s got some fake fur on the hood, which is good to repel the snow from your face in blizzard conditions. Underneath the hood, you’ll see I’m wearing another hat – a fur one I had only previously imagined on Russians drinking vodka in freezing cold Siberian weather.

To protect my body, I’m also wearing a very chunky Norwegian wool sweater, kind of like what Mr Darcy wears in Bridget Jones Diary; a merino wool long sleeve; and a thermal singlet. Ski pants to go over normal pants and thermals if outside. A pair of big fat boots, worn with two pairs of socks in the coldest times.

When it’s really hit below freezing, I’m told I also need two pairs of gloves to keep my hands warm – a normal woollen one, and a pair of ski mittens. Mittens are warmer than gloves because the fingers help to generate warm air inside the space. It’s also because gloves have more surface area than mittens.

It was a day of learning – one thing for sure – it’s gonna be hard doing a walkabout with so much on!

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