5 things to do in Aarhus, Denmark during winter

The second largest city of Denmark is filled with back way lanes and cafes to charm your days away. Even in winter, there are plenty of things to do in Aarhus. 

So I’ve been in Aarhus, Denmark for a week helping my partner to pack and get things ready for Greenland. (OK I admit it, I am probably causing more trouble than helping much)! Amidst all the running around preparing for the move, It’s also been a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Not that much has changed since I studied here a few years ago: there’s still lots of bikes, blonde people, crazy weather, cosy cafes and cindering fireplaces.

I’ve enjoyed revisiting some of my favourite haunts here in the second largest city in Denmark and also discovering a few new things to do. It’s a charming town to visit – here are a few things to watch out for if you ever come by in the Winter!

  1. Spot how many old ladies are wearing fur coats. For an Aussie who’s always associated fur with PETA, it’s strange to see so many normal looking women wearing mink, seal, fox coats and more. The coats come in all varieties – some are beautiful, but others really are plain ugly (especially the seal ones).
    Danish mink fur coat, one of the better looking ones. Source: Amazon

    Danish mink fur coat, one of the better looking jackets. Source: Amazon

  2. For a view of Aarhus city in color visit ARoS, the art museum with a rainbow panorama by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. It’s been described as a piece of artwork everyone can enjoy, because it’s a simple concept – you just take it as you see it and there’s no hi-brow deciphering needed.

    Aros Museum with a recently built rainbow panorama. Source: Aros

  3. Go to the botanical gardens. A warm haven in the freezing winter, the Væksthuset is a new glasshouse for tropical plants which will be ready for Fall this year. Meaning ‘growth house’, it’s part of the University of Aarhus and free to enter.

    How the Tropical glasshouse will look inside! Source: Designboom

  4. Visit the gorgeous white Danish church in the city centre. Wait – it’s brown outside, but it’s overwhelmingly white inside with white chalk drawings. A testament to the Viking maritime days, many Danish churches have model ships hanging from the ceiling. Being white and bright inside, it’s a very different feel from the churches you visit down in Southern Europe.

    One of the model ships hanging from the ceiling in Skt. Clemens Kirke. Source: Martin8th’s Flickr

  5. Go winter bathing! It’s reportedly very healthy for you. Don’t be afraid to strip off your clothes and jump into the water anywhere along the beach – the Danes do – but make sure you can run back to somewhere warm soon after. If you plan on living here for awhile, you could consider joining a Viking Club like Jomsborg, who do regular winter bathing at The Permanent beach (I’d be doing this if I wasn’t going to Greenland!).

    Winter bathing is healthy for the heart. Source: Jomsborg

There’s also lots of beautiful nature, including the deer park and beaches; there are also design and art stores; Den Gamle By, an old city which is magical at Christmas time; and Moesgård, an ancient Viking museum; but I’ll let Visit Aarhus tell you about those things…

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