Greenland in comics: Scandinavia and the World

A chic young Dane called Nathalie referred me to this marvellous website called Scandinavia and the World. Besides showing different cultural viewpoints, it displays the global state of play through satirical comical characters who each represent an individual country.

Greenland’s a dark, frustrated character  who feels threatened by Denmark and it’s a bag of laughs to read (while also being educational). Here are a few of my favourites below.


For these hyperlinks to work, you need to get to the full post first:

I want oil

Greenland seems to be on the news alot during the past three weeks I’ve been here in Denmark. It’s a pivotal time for them, and there’s murmurings of massive change coming. This post nicely captures the politics surrounding oil and Greenland – and how everyone wants in on it.


The scariest ghost ever

Yep, it’s whale burgers, ghosts and love of alcohol. Really, how much more politically wrong can you get. 😉


War of the flags over Hans Island, just off Greenland

This comic is titled ‘Epic Battle’; it jokes about the dispute over who owns Hans Island, an island just off Greenland. Although USA and Sweden have tried to make a bigger fuss of it, apparently when Denmark and Canada see each other they just wave their flags, raise one, lower the other, and sometimes leave a battle of whisky. The comic artist calls it a tame war.


A real life Moby Dick – whale hunting

This post was inspired by a white whale spotted near Svalbard, Norway. As you can see, some Nordic countries are more pro for hunting than others.


Eurovision Nordic Winners Party

Eurovision is serious business here. There’s also a dark undertone to this competition, suggested by the author. More context to this sketch is provided by the comic artist.

Check out more comics at Scandinavia and the World, and please share any more blogs that you think are informative or just plain funny!


4 thoughts on “Greenland in comics: Scandinavia and the World

    • Yeh they are the best! How does one whose nationality actually is a character actually feel when written about? Does the truth hurt or just plain funny? Btw I was supposed to be in Iceland right now! Plane cancelled due to bad weather…

      • Oh that sucks, but it doesn’t surprise me. The weather was pretty crazy on the way to school earlier this morning!

        Iceland is such a funny character in the comics, but most people are not that blond and sporty here as most people in Greenland are most definitely not so grumpy and rude in Greenland I know. So I understand where you’re coming from! 🙂

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