How much are you willing to pay to use your smart phone?

To KEEP or SELL smart phone? To USE or NOT USE DATA?
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I recently found out that internet at home in Greenland would cost 1500 dkk a month (that’s roughly 200 Euros or 250 Aussie bucks). Despite the cost, we will still get it, but perhaps skip buying data for the smart phone as it is also very expensive.

If I don’t use data on a smart phone, is there still any point in having one? Or would it be worth selling now so that I can still get the most monetary value out for it? In a way, I think going back to a brick or dumb phone would be going back to the stone age. In reality it would only be going back to last April, as I was late to embrace the smart era. People have become so dependent on their smart toys, though, that it might be nice to go back to a world which doesn’t have so many distractions…but only for a time.

Besides, my Aussie iPhone kept on freezing and dying all the time in Denmark because it was too cold. Greenland no doubt will be just as cold, if not colder, but I think I would crave the internet even more in the wilderness!

So go on, tell me if you think I should KEEP or SELL by answering the poll.

UPDATE: I only access the internet through my smartphone when there is wifi available. This is only at home, and in the future, work. There are no cafes which offer it for free. Data is expensive here but I love having a smart phone for its practicality, so I went for the compromise!

How much do we need a smart phone?

Finger Nose Stylus Invention by Dominic Wilcox

2 thoughts on “How much are you willing to pay to use your smart phone?

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  2. You may also find wifi in the places you work. I hear that fish gutting factories are very advanced these days 😉
    Often, society orders itself around the level of connectivity. So other things will be more important to take the internet’s place. The problem comes in communicating across a border to a different society, in a faraway land.

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