This year so far in 67 seconds: the end of the prologue

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve arrived in Europe. Since then, I’ve been on the go. So much travelling has tired me out, and tomorrow, I will finally say hello to reality. It’s a welcome break from two-months of killing time, seeing people and crashing on couches. I know that I’m lucky to have had this unique opportunity, however, despite all the complications I haven’ t yet blogged about.

At this significant moment, I thought it would be timely to upload my first ever ‘one second video’ (above). I use an awesome app called ‘One Second Everyday’ (it costs an Aussie dollar) and have attempted to record one second of my life everyday since the beginning of this year. As you can tell from the first date, it took me awhile to get into a habit…

Summary of the seconds:


18 Clovelly, Sydney, Australia. I’m with Jacqui and Chris (and Mei and Amber not in the video), going for a walk to Bronte for some Brunch.

19 Marie leading the latin dancing at the after party of Cathe and Domi’s wedding.

20 Dancing continues past midnight…

22 Lightning, Stanwell Tops. The beginning of a girl’s getaway by the beach. It stormed. Beautiful.

23 Hang gliding, Stanwell Tops. My friends took me on an adventure. The full video is here.

24 Beach, Stanwell Tops. Enjoying the sun, surf, beach.

25 Farewell dinner with Zhan, a good friend from High school. We went to a restaurant in Pyrmont called Flying Fish.

26 Breakfast farewell with Sita (and my mum came along). That day was a scorching 40 degrees, and after breakfast mum and I went to buy thermal clothes at Icebreaker – myself for Greenland, her for a freezing Sydney winter. We bought the same things because mum gets cold easily hahaha.

27 Ice Kachang. It’s a typical Malaysian ice dessert. Courtesy of a farewell lunch with Auntie Chooi and Uncle Jeremy.

28 Flying off! My family sent me off to the airport, and my brothers pretended to be planes for the video.

29 View from plane. I actually spent close to two days on it. What was supposed to be 27 hours door-to-door turned into a ghastly 45 hour trip.

30 Meeting Aja, Jonas’ niece for the first time via Skype in Denmark.

31 My birthday. A relaxing day. We also went to Ikea to get ready for Greenland.


1 From a tea shop in Aarhus, Denmark.

2 Beautiful freezing day. A very special day.

3 Eating breakfast out in Aarhus.

4 It’s snowing balls!

5 Jonas took his parents and I out to dinner at a really cool restaurant with an interesting concept. Everyone arrives at the same time, eats the same three course meal, and gets all the wine that they would like to drink. Everyone also leaves at the same time when it is over. It’s an extremely reasonably priced for the standard of food. If you want to know, ask me and I’ll make a point to find out.

6 Log fire at home.

7 View of the removalist truck from the top of the apartment. They use this contraption to lower things down through the window.

8 Marina, Aarhus.

9 Skipping through town.

12 Slush, just off the bus and into Copenhagen. Yuck.

13 Waiting for our turn at the Danish visa agency. Jonas is sick so he orders a mint tea. Looks alcoholic 😉

14 Aja is Jonas’ two-year old niece. Her parents are getting her to learn how to use chopsticks young. Jonas flies off to Greenland and I’m staying here in Copenhagen for a week with Tine and Ask, Aja’s parents.

15 Cold day in Copenhagen.

16 Ask brewing beer in the cellar of his workplace. He’s a physicist.

17 Tine makes her coffee with her retro look machine.

18 Tine fixing up her wedding dress!

19 View from the café at DTU, a university in Copenhagen. I got to meet up with Ole, a friend from Aarhus exchange who ended up doing his PhD in Denmark. We hadn’t seen each other in 4 years!

20 My one day of being a tourist in Copenhagen. We went to the Amalienborg and watched the changing of the guard.

21 Morning tea in the graveyard at Nørrebro. Danish graveyards are kinda friendly!

22 And I begin my travels. Cheese fondue in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with my host Charlotte.

23 Music wagon – A regular sight on the streets of Amsterdam.

24 Celebrating Chinese New Year – my friend Marianne and I randomly wandered into a white man playing a Chinese god in a Chinese temple.

25 The mandatory Amsterdam photo!

26 The canal tour of Amsterdam – worth it, and not too expensive.

28 Reflection from a canal in The Netherlands – possibly Edam?


1 Hamburg, Germany with Franzi, her brother and wife.

3 Singer-song writer event in a communal creative home.

4 Cruising Hamburg– part of your everyday travel ticket, worth doing!

5 Back in Aarhus, Denmark for a brief respite. Sitting outside in the garden for some ‘spring’ weather.

7 Flying to Paris, France.

8 Louvre. And that’s Sangzi, my friend from Kunming and host in Paris.

9 Montmatre. Beautiful day- no jacket whatsoever, spring has come!

10 Peacock trying to woo a lady at the beautiful park called Bagatelle, near La Defense.

11 Really, I had nothing to take.

12 A snowy day in Paris. All was chaos (yes, I know, it doesn’t look that bad).

13 Just some proof that winter has come again in Paris! Luckily I was able to catch the train over to London without any problem.

14 Now I’m in London. Drinks at Shoreditch with Ohwen and the lovely Sofie. Learnt about how to become a kungfu master.

15 Christian made poached eggs for breakfast – yum!

16 Brighton, UK. Dogs in bars… Lots of dogs…. At least 6 at one time…

17 Cool old-fashioned key to open the door to Sofie and Christian’s place.

18 Yum cha!!! Fulfilling my cravings before I fly to Greenland. Tonight I caught an overnight bus back to Paris, to catch a flight back to Denmark.

19 The papal ceremony is on video at the Notre Dame, Paris.

20 Watching tv through some really cool water glasses owned by Heather. Yep, that’s your view. Back in Copenhagen, Denmark.

21 Gorgeous flowers at the National Museum for Kunst (art) in Copenhagen. They open a flower exhibition the next day.

22 Tobias, another Loovshell-Weedel trying to be Zoolander.

23 Ask and Tine’s wedding. When people clink their glasses, the bride and groom have to kiss on the chair. When people stomp, they have to kiss under the table.

24 Aja, trying to say hello to Uncle Jonas – because I’m going to show this to him tomorrow!

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