Aerial views of Greenland


So I’ve finally arrived in Greenland!

It was a 16 hour travel debacle which I just zombie-walked through – not much can be gained from worrying too much when the first thing that happens on the morning of departure is to get your luggage stuck in a lift for 40 minutes. You know how everyone tells you to leave plenty of time? Lesson reinforced. And maybe use the stairs of your apartment (even if you have heavy luggage)!

The flight path was Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Nuuk. No planes fly directly into the capital from CPH as far as I could tell, but they do from Iceland.

Flight cancellations and delays are a common occurrence in Greenland. My original flight from Kangerlussuaq was cancelled, and I ended up hanging around the airport for 7 hours. This time it was due to technical difficulties, but nature can be a force to be reckoned with – strong winds and heavy snow can prevent a plane from departing.

Below are a few snaps taken with the smart phone.

This is Kangerlussuaq airport, and my view for 7 hours.

Kangerlussuaq airport

The tiny plane flying to Nuuk! It really doesn’t carry that many passengers.

Photo taken from the rear of plane. The air hostess standing up is at the very front of the plane. Tiny, tiny. 

This photo was taken from the back seat. The air hostess standing up is at the very front of the plane!

Aerial views taken from the back seat window. 

View from back seat window




And now to begin life in Greenland! I know I will get used to the lack of buildings, the slow pace and the view of icebergs floating around outside my amazing apartment, but for the moment I will enjoy the newness of everything and will try not to freak out!


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