Ten random things I’ve done in Nuuk this week

10 random acts completed so far:

  • Attended a sewing club and met some sweet women. Needless to say, I didn’t sew but I ate some scrumptious cakes.
  • Tried whale blubber for lunch. Also dried reindeer or muskox. Chewy and smokey, and the aftertaste lingers in your mouth.
  • After deciding I’d eaten enough of the above dried meat, I attempted to give it away to a young girl on the street. Surprisingly, she took it! They don’t teach stranger danger here 😉
  • Tagged along with a friend to a two-day Faroese business seminar. A delegation of businessmen from the most important companies of the Faroe Islands and Greenland came to discuss business opportunities together. We looked a bit out-of-place, since the norm were Men In Black Minus The Sunglasses, but it was a great opportunity to learn about the state of play in the North. Key words: fisheries, minerals and oil.
  • Went for a run. Not a fast run or a long run, but I put on some running clothes and gasped in cold air while moving my legs fast – enough said for me!
  • I had the cool opportunity to visit the Air Greenland office and hangars, and tried sitting in a 7 seater aeroplane called the Super King Air. A tiny aeroplane with no toilet. Very impressive.
  • To Keep Up With The Andersens and Chemnitzs here in Nuuk, I baked bread…. twice! Everyone, and I mean both men and women, bake amazing food here. It’s inspiring but I’m also feeling the pressure to learn. In this case it can only be considered constructive peer pressure.
  • Upon hearing rumours that there were two asian grocery stores in Nuuk, I made a mission to find them both. Stopping at the first, I bought twelve sheets of dried vermicelli sheets for 30 kr. The Asian within me felt especially ripped off when the next store, Video Leif, had a larger pack for 25 kr. It was a weird set up though; selling Asian groceries, takeaway thai food and DVDs that included an extensive selection of porn.
  • Oh, and was invited to give a talk about the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the seniors at a gymnasium (high school). Although it took some reading to refresh my memory, and the idea was a bit daunting, it was actually really fun and the students asked lots of meaningful questions!
  • Today will go to a talk about international law and indigenous peoples rights at the University of Greenland. It sounds fascinating!

Phew…. who knows what next week will bring.

A typical poster from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

A typical poster from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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