The relapse of a food photographer addict: Arctic gastronomy

Is photographing food really a sign of mental illness? A foodie with a self-diagnosed photography problem, I’ve drastically tried to tackle my issues head-on this year. I stopped eating, in the hope that if I didn’t see food I wouldn’t take photos of it*. When that didn’t go so well, I stopped at least going to restaurants and made disgusting-looking meals at home. I also disabled the internet from my phone. All was dandy until some food-lover friends requested photos of Greenlandic food. Here, below, is the beginning of the relapse…

I went with my partner to a fine-dining restaurant called Sarfalik on a stormy Monday night to ‘celebrate us’. No-one else was around due to the weather and day, so I had a free reign to take as many photos as I liked without stern reproach from other guests. All photos are taken with the iphone… 

Branding itself as the ‘gourmet gathering place’, Sarfalik bases its menu on what’s in season and what the hunters can bring in. 

STARTER (not a course)photo 1Lightly smoked halibut – garnished with saffron and other things I can’t remember. This was delicious and just melted in the mouth.

Sarfalik - LambSalted lamb – herb moss, truffle, olive (s)oil, anchovy cream, spring herbs. A little too salty for me, but the amazing texture of the lamb reminded me of gravlax salmon, just with more bite. The anchovy cream was mild-tasting, adding sweetness to the dish.

MAINSphoto 3Catfish – snow crab, cucumber, white asparagus, dill potatoes, bouillon of dried fish. This sweet tasting white-fleshed fish is ‘bouncy’ – it’s not chewy but it also doesn’t flake in your mouth. Some people say it tastes like chicken. Loved my main!   

photo reindeer3edit
Reindeer in pullet sauce – smoked quail’s egg, malt twig and cream, honey of lime tree, crowberry (?). Nice blending of flavours: The reindeer was very lean, rich and woody game, and I loved the crunch of the malt twigs contrasting with the cream. I adore quail’s eggs but Jonas had eaten it all before I could try it. He said it was delicious…GRR! 

photo 5
Tasting dessert for two guests – Strawberries creamy and pulverised; rhubarb in variation including candy floss; chèvre cheese (eaten already) and tallegio consisting of poached and burned pear, brandy and nut bread. Explosive flavours! 

So would I recommend it? 
It is the only place to go for special occasions on a Monday night in town, nothing else is available. It can hold its own, though. The food was of high quality and well-thought out, there was lovely ambience and the service was impeccable. 

Price of food per person: 3 courses 555 DKK. Approximately $US 95.
Price of house wine: 98 DKK for a 1/4 bottle. Approximately $US 17.

* I hope that some of you could tell that part of the opening paragraph was a joke. I do understand why people get annoyed when restaurant patrons take photos but if it doesn’t ruin the ambience, then why not let everyone enjoy their meal in their own way?  Here’s a funny rebuff to that.


6 thoughts on “The relapse of a food photographer addict: Arctic gastronomy

    • Hey Mark! I don’t remember and I didn’t write it down. I also cheated with some of the pics – their website has information about food. I’m not sure they described that particular dish on the menu, though. Have you tried halibut with licorice powder before, and if so how does it taste?

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