Concrete playground: versatile Nuuk creates paradise for kids


Before even finding out what these construction materials were, I told my partner that I felt sad that this is where the young hang out in the city. He replied that when he was a kid, he always got most excited when there were new housing constructions zones to explore. Touché. 

It’s probably not the prettiest playground ever, but the kids of Nuuk seemed to enjoy sliding through the steel cylinders and swinging off the containers that appeared randomly dumped in the city centre. They also really liked getting their photos taken, as I found out one sunny afternoon.

For a long, long moment, this ignorant city girl really did think that these materials were dumped so that the kids could have an obstacle course. It’s a plausible explanation, as there is yet to be a ‘designated playground zone’ in the centre. Not yet, at least, though there is a city project bubbling away called ‘Block P’ which should change that.

A local clarified it when he said that “as a kid, you play everywhere”. Everywhere, he said, including on top of these particular construction materials which would most likely end up as underground sewage junction parts. They were still above ground as the dirt was too frozen to be dug up.


See, I told you, versatile, right?

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