One second video: Two months in Greenland

I have a sneaking suspicion that life has become more boring!

At least, it’s certainly slowed down since my last one-second video travelling from Australia to Europe to Greenland.

Right now, I’m living. I’m breathing, eating, drinking and socialising. Exploring a new lifestyle. Doing a bit of touristy stuff. It’s a lifestyle that does not include working. It’s been surprisingly easy whiling away the days while waiting for my visa to come through. To some extent, I probably feel more relaxed than a normal person in this situation because I’m hopeful that there is no reason to reject my visa. Cross fingers everything works out… and soon!

So, boring video…you’re still unlike a life I’ve led before. =)

Summary of the seconds:


25 Arrival. Plane was late. It was so QUIET! More first impressions came later…

View from the bus to the city.

View from our new apartment. Next door is still being built to add to New Nuuk.

Biggest dog in Nuuk Buster versus Mini mouse play-fighting near Myggedalen.

Greenlandic coffee.

2 We didn’t have a washing machine or fridge at that time, so we had to handwash. The great outdoors became our freezer, but that started to melt.

Pissifik tea range – they’ve got a huge selection, bigger than any normal supermarket in Sydney. Loose leaf, Pickwick, gourmet brands… Greenlanders are big drinkers of warm beverages.

Using a blanket as a curtain. Since then, we’ve bought blackout curtains, and they are heavenly when you sleep in broad daylight.

Just another view of the city.

 Model scouting for Nuuk Center’s magazines. The only shopping centre in Greenland.

Walk near the University of Greenland – the mountain in view is Sermitsiaq.

Another sunset. See what I mean by life is getting more boring?

Boat getting lifted and moved into the water. The ice is melting so it’s sailing season.

Installing a balcony next door.

Playing volleyball! My saviour activity for the first few weeks of my stay here. Unfortunately, most organised activities such as volleyball, kayak polo and even choir has since take a break in the summertime. It’s apparently impossible to get people to come to anything during this time because they are out hunting and sailing. What about those people who don’t have plans, a boat or a gun?

Free Irish gig in Katuaq, Greenland’s cultural centre. It’s great having fewer (or one option) sometimes…less choice means less thinking.



Workmen building the apartment in front of us.

Faroese business seminar – a delegation came over from the Faroe islands to see how they could promote business between the two countries over here. It was a two-day event.

Faroese business seminar. I went along with a friend, because I could. It was actually very interesting. I learnt about sea passage routes and mining opportunities.

Watching The Hobbit.

Playing Danish five-pin billiards at Daddy’s, one of the few bars in town. A beer there costs around 65 DKK.

Attended a lecture on International Law and indigenous people. Besides being a fascinating talk, this lecture got me wondering about free speech and censorship in Greenland.

Flowers have bloomed! They are starting to flower again.

Playing with an app my friend recommended called Miniatures, which takes time-lapse videos.

A pregnant Anna.

Jonas at work in the kitchen.

My first cup of coffee in a café in Greenland – almost one month later!

Evening stroll. Nuuk really is stunning when it wants to be.


1 Sewing club – using fur.

4 We walked to where the road stopped, and then walked some more. Beautiful ice formations.

5 Need I say more?

6 Hygge-time (cosy-time) after the wedding. Hot chocolates at Katuaq (recommended).

9 First kaffemik with Greenlandic food.

13 Nearly got run over by this tractor. There are few OH&S rules here. People who are crazy about safety, have a look at kids playing on construction materials.

15 Choir practise. Learning a Faroese song. Danes and Greenlanders really find the Faroese language funny.

16 Practise fire drill, I never found out what for.

17 First Nations band Northern Cree from Canada perform at the gala premiere of The Raven Storm. I will be writing about this soon!

18 Eurovision night. The night Denmark won, and the Dane came over with a huge pile of GREEN GOLD… in the form of lettuce. Lettuce really is precious here in Nuuk!

19 Another hike, this time climbing more than walking. Beautiful view. Again.

20 Kids just being kids (these are the ones from my photo shoot, the hyperlink above).

22 View from bedroom window. That cloud was moving so fast and the light was just intensive.

23 Volunteer meeting with the Red Cross. We are helping to build something called Nuuk Playground, which will create a new recreational space for the youth of this city. There are no playgrounds in the centrum! More on this soon too =)

24 Make up Aften at Torrak Fashion. The Greenlandic Miss Dalager Beauty is a viral hit here in Greenland. She makes videos about how to put on makeup. On this evening, she showed people how to create the ‘smokey eye’ effect. I didn’t understand one bit of the evening because it was only in Greenlandic, but it was a cool event where the girls got to try different products and get lovely refreshments. Candlelight in a clothing store? Rather romantic.

25 Frozen lake near Lille Malene. Pitsi and I walked for four hours with wet socks…rather unpleasant and lesson learnt (bring warmer socks or better shoes).

27 I’m rather proud of myself – I walked up Lille Malene again this time for dinner with a view with 5 other adults and a 6 year old. The cliff face was STUNNING.

28 Sunset near midnight. Nearly 2am now and it’s still bright.

29 Raspberry sorbet. So delicious. It’s never too cold to eat ice cream and sorbet =)

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  1. Ummm so where is the part in your blog that says you got engaged or married lol. I have read everything but it doesn’t seem to be here!

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