What’s luxury to eat in Greenland?

What's luxury to eat in Greenland?


One night some friends came over for dinner and gifted us with a huge bag of Icelandic lettuce leaves. A strange token to come with, you might say, and you’re correct if you think this doesn’t happen often. Wine and chocolates are still more common!

You can imagine that it is expensive to buy fresh vegetables up here, since nearly everything is imported in. We usually go for red and white cabbage since one head will last a looooong time. It’s so dense! Still, I love the crisp texture of lettuce, and to me it makes for a real salad.

The ostentatious size of the bag made me feel like I’d won lottery – here’s a picture to capture the moment!

Photo by F.Gielda.

8 thoughts on “What’s luxury to eat in Greenland?

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  4. Tanny, thanks for the interesting and informative blog on the virtues of Icelandic lettuce. There has been a long-standing relationship with lettuce (and other vegetables) and Greenland, especially for 19th century Arctic explorers. Without foods containing Vitamin C, (vegetables, red meats and certain animal organs), explorers along the Greenland coast suffered from scurvy. In their journals and eventually published works, they made references to thoughts of home and a hunger for fresh vegetables. So, lettuce and Greenland go together well, and I am very glad that our friends gifted you with such generous bag of lettuce. Yummy! Regards, Fran Hennessey

    • Fran, thank you for the additional information you always have! I’ve heard and was told by other readers that we will soon have Nuuk grown lettuce too! Looking forward to continuing the relationship, which I once never thought anything of!

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