Three bullets, three reindeer and love in Greenland


Reindeer – photo taken from I Love Greenland’s facebook page.

This is a cute story about how one Greenlandic woman impressed a man so much with her hunting prowess that he proposed to her right away.

It’s a little embellished because I heard the story in Danish, so I’m filling in-the-blanks where I missed some details. The storyteller was our guide Jon from Touring Greenland, who told us how his parents-in-law got together while we were gazing over the gorgeous ice-fjord near Kapisillit.

A young man was going hunting for reindeer with his Greenlandic girlfriend. Before the hunt, he asked her how many bullets she needed. She replied, “Three, because I can’t carry any more home”.

So he gave her three bullets.

The hunt started. They walked for hours before they could find anything. Finally, the chance came – she saw a reindeer and shot it between the eyes. One.

Another opportunity arose and another gun shot was fired. Two.

The third kill came soon after.

For her at least, the hunt was over because she didn’t have any more bullets.

True to her word, the girlfriend field-dressed (gutted) and carried all three of her heavy kill home by herself without any complaints.

The young man was so thoroughly impressed that he proposed to her straight after the hunt.

Such is love in Greenland. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Three bullets, three reindeer and love in Greenland

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  2. WHAT a fantastic story!!!!
    This is the story about my mom and dad!!! I was not aware of this when I started reading the post. Actually my dad is Danish and my mom Greenlandic – and they raised me to be a hunter like them. And my mom… she is so cool!!! She the coolest hunter I have ever met, as well as the strongest woman I ever met. Today she 72, but I’m sure she can still carry at least 2 reindeer’s. That’s MY mom. 🙂

    • Haha hi Anika, so you found the story 🙂 Your mum is really impressive, two reindeers at that age? I don’t understand how she could be such a superwoman! It was a really fun trip too with lots of good stories so please thank Jon for the amazing sailing experience!

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