Magical Greenland: Icebergs and whales!


Words cannot describe the spellbinding experience of sailing with whales and floating around gorgeous icebergs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures can’t either, but they sure show something. We took a billion photos. I’ve just included a few.

After the zany experience of going to the whale graveyard, we didn’t expect to see real-life whales in the fjord straight after! Sure we’d heard that there were sooooooooooo many in the Nuuk Fjord, and we’d also seen a few from our window, but seeing a spray of water doesn’t can only get you so excited. In fact, the only time I had a chance to view a whale up close before was as a steak in the fish market.

Once we spotted the pod of humpback whales, our sailing plans went waaaaay off course. We just decided to cruise with the majestic mammals for about an hour. I think M was highly amused at our enthusiasm…he was probably shaking his head and thinking, *newbies*. =-)

So nearly six months later, did I finally see postcard Greenland?








9 thoughts on “Magical Greenland: Icebergs and whales!

  1. These photos are absolutely stunning and a wonderful little break from all the things I am having to study at the moment! I hope you are well, Tanny.

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