Destination Sermitsiaq: helicopter flight


“We flew close to the top and then angled almost sideways to fly around the peak.  If it wasn’t for the glass barrier, we could almost touch the summit. Beautiful.”

It was a glorious day with clear blue skies, fluffy white clouds and no wind. A perfect day to fly in Greenland.

Our international group were here for the Vestnorden Travel Mart, a tourism conference and trade show promoting Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Representing press and writers from Iceland, Germany, the United States and Australia, we began our journey from Nuuk Airport. It’s a tiny hub nestled between mountains serving the nation’s capital.

From there, we soared up slowly in the helicopter and headed towards our destination: Sermitsiaq mountain.

Sermitsiaq, meaning something like ‘a glacier you admire’ or ‘precious’ in Greenlandic is a funny peaked mountain that looks its most impressive from a vantage point Nuuk city.

It takes some logistical planning to get there if you wanted to climb to the peak; you have to sail there first before you do the long hike up.

Flying is so much easier!

In five minutes, we flew over the fjord passing ancient mountain formations. Journeying over these ancient creations of nature was like flying back in time. You could imagine that dinosaurs once roamed these terrains – they would have been sure-footed, of course – and have a thick hide too.

We flew close to the top and then angled almost sideways to fly around the peak. If it wasn’t for the glass barrier, we could almost touch the summit. Beautiful.

Our time in the heavens passed so quickly, and in no time the pilot was flying back towards the Vestnorden Travel Mart. What was quite special was that we landed in the middle of the city at the trade fair venue, Inussivik. It’s difficult to organise a permit to land there these days, so it doesn’t happen very often, Christian Kjeldsen from Air Greenland told us.

Well, thank you for a wonderful ten minutes I will never forget, Air Greenland!

Notes: I flew courtesy of Air Greenland. Charter flights are available for those who want to fly to the top of Sermitsiaq and have a picnic!

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AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5485 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5489 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5502 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5510 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5529 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5559 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5572 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5588 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5596 AirGreenland-travel-fourthcontinent5598

12 thoughts on “Destination Sermitsiaq: helicopter flight

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  3. Wow, such a spectacular landscape. I took some photos from the plane over Southern Greenland on our flight back from Europe. It was amazing to see the glaciers and the rugged mountains, the ice. Stark beauty. I’ll have to post some of them one of these days though they will be nothing compared to your perspective.

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