Moved by moving to Greenland: House Hunters International

Source: Nico Piotto

It’s been a surprisingly emotional time the last few days. Going back into the past has brought up all the memories of uncertainty that the move forced upon us. We’ve been remembering the past on film for House Hunters International, an American reality TV series. 

Today we were shooting for House Hunters International, a TV series which follows expats move around the world. Everybody who knows it says it’s really popular in the USA and Canada, and it screens on the House and Garden network. It’s also on the travel channel in Europe.

As part of the tv show, we had to remember our move, and the doubts we had about coming to Greenland.

One main point important to me was that I had to leave my friends and family behind – they are on the other side of the world in Australia. I was potentially completely friendless and isolated.

When Claire the director asked what did I have to give up to come here, I mentioned the fact that my mum said that she probably wouldn’t be able to visit me in Greenland. Ever. She’s not so good with flying, and her health isn’t the best.

She hates going back to Asia to visit her own family, and that usually takes about 8 hours to fly.

I think at its quickest, it could take 33+ hours to get here. The most direct flight to Greenland is probably from Sydney to Singapore, to Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, to Nuuk. Plus it costs a bomb.

I started crying at that moment. Right then and there. Right on queue, with the cameras rolling. Damn.

Lucky for me the show is a happy one so the tears probably aren’t going to make the cut.

It surprised me that I was so emotional, and other questions that were asked for the show also really hit home. It made me feel nostalgic, and I think it also affected J a bit.

It was also nice to reflect though, and remember what our hopes and aspirations were.

We are on day two of the shoot. There are two more days left. I wonder how the final episode will turn out, and I hope that we don’t sound like utter idiots. It was actually fun.

Now I have to try and call my parents.

PS A friend advised me that if I wanted visits from the parents, having a kid works miracles. I’m just not sure I’m ready for that yet 🙂

6 thoughts on “Moved by moving to Greenland: House Hunters International

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  2. Can’t wait to catch your episode! We filmed an episode over 2 years ago and friends & family still catch it, lurking on late night reruns. It was fun to film and though it makes me cringe to watch, I’m glad we did it.

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  5. Tanny, That is so cool – a celebrity in our midst! So were you hunting for a place to rent or buy? I’ve always thought the show was interesting – showing a perspective that many people don’t get to see. People in every country live their lives differently than in your home country. I know that when we moved from the States to Sudan, all the houses we looked at to rent were set up for Muslim families with areas for prayer, etc. It was great to see other ways of living. ~Terri

    • Hi Terri, We were hunting for places to rent. Here they have a place in many homes where they enter and can put their wet snowy boots… Something we don’t really have in Australia! Most homes are smaller by American standards.

      Houses and interior design really change how a family might operate too – for example, a lounge with the focus being a tv or a living space without a tv can change the social fabric.. So fascinating!

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