Travel dreams: One day I will go dog sledding!

Dog sledding in Greenland. Source:

Dog sledding experiences are available in north-west and east Greenland. Greenland Tours offers them across the country. Source and copyright: Greenland Tours

Dog sledding is a way of life in Greenland… but not where I live! There are about 25,000 Greenlandic sled dogs who can be found just above the Arctic Circle. They are the life blood of the northerly region.

Greenland, green and snow

The one thing that most people don’t get at first about Greenland is that not everywhere is covered with snow. And to dog sled, you need dogs and snow. Actually, the southern part of Greenland where Eric the Red first sailed is very green in summer. He is generally credited for naming the country. I’m going to take a stab and guess that if he had landed a bit more north, perhaps he would have called the country Whiteland. Or Snowland. Or Iceland. Oops, already taken.

Dog sled above the Arctic Circle

While there are lots of dogs in Greenland, the only breed that is allowed above the Arctic Circle is the Greenland Dog. Therefore, dog sledding is only available above this point (and everywhere in East Greenland). The most southerly towns where you can go on a dog sled adventure are Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. Dog sledding is a popular tourist attraction and I hope that one day I will be able to experience the world where I can see nothing but a limitless expanse of white winter wonderland. Currently, my view is the mountains and fjords in Nuuk. Really stunning too, but one needs to try everything they can!

Plan your trip to Greenland!

The only thing is that it’s so expensive to fly around in Greenland, so you have to plan your trip thoroughly. Though the prices for dog sledding aren’t cheap it seems that there are some reasonably priced tours available. You can read more about the who, what, where and why of dog sledding in a post I researched for the Greenland Travel Guide.

And here’s a pic of cute Greenland puppies! Photo: David Buchmann

20 thoughts on “Travel dreams: One day I will go dog sledding!

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  4. Sounds fun! Are there roads that run the length of the island/continent from North to South? Or is fly or taking a boat the only option?

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  6. I really hope you´ll be able to go dog sledding during your stay in Greenland!! But think about it carefully – you might get addicted to it 🙂 and find yourself planning the next trip and putting aside money for tickets again, right after coming home 🙂 I know all about it…

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