The 2013 Happiest Snowmen in the World results released

First sighting of the Greenland snowman this season as reported on The Fourth Continent’s Facebook

On top of the world, and on top of the smiling charts for 2013. According to the World Happiness Index Report 2013, Greenlandic snowmen are the happiest in the world.

The World Happiness Index 2013 has ranked Greenland as the happiest place in the world for snowmen.

Experts suggest that the Greenlandic balls of snow are so joyful because of the frosty temperature. It ensures that their smiles will stay for more than just awhile. In fact, they are probably the snowmen with the longest lifespans. When you look at a map, it’s clear why it’s the perfect condition: the majority of the country is covered by an ice sheet.

Other leaders in the pack include the Russians, Norwegians, the Icelanders and the Kiwis (New Zealanders).

Danish snow counterparts less happy

Not so happy in this report are the Danish snowmen, whose cousins the humans are ranked number 1 in the world for happiness.

“Our weather in Denmark consists of slush and rain more than ice, which causes depression and inability to stay intact”, a Danish representative from DMI, the Danish Meteorology Institute said.

Australian larrikins hop ten places into top 20

The unexpected entrant into the top 20 were the Australian snowmen. The Aussie winter season is generally mild and above 10 degrees so it’s hard to understand why these southerners would be contenders for happiness.

A representative from the Happiness Report explained that the rankings are based on different criteria including weather, versatility, attitude and living conditions. While Australia may not have the climate, they ranked well in attitude and versatility.

Ms Down Under from Australia said, “We in Australia are so grateful for the snow; we make the most of our short season. We love to go skiing, ice-skating and have snowball fights. Still, lucky that this report is about happiness, not longevity!”

They also have perfectly legal artificial help to happiness, says Under.

“Just like the snowmen in the North who use sun lamps to get their fill of vitamin D (which produces the necessary serotonin and helps with creating positive feelings), we utilise technology when mother nature doesn’t help us – snow machines in the Winter generate the necessary frosty climate to survive. Plus, we’re a festive bunch and love Christmas so much that we celebrate it twice – December, and in July!”

PS This silly post was inspired by Fourth Continent follower Mark Finney’s comment on Facebook.

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