Greenland, you win.

Greenland, you win.

Greenland, how much more do you want from me? Because of you, I already have a waterproof jacket, a pair of waterproof pants, waterproof shoes and gloves. A whole new practical wardrobe.

My last remaining un-touched domain was my face. Now you’re telling me something needs to change there too, unless I want to go around looking like an emo-punk!?

Greenland, you win. Time to enter the world of waterproof mascara. Suggestions welcome!

7 thoughts on “Greenland, you win.

  1. Hello,
    I stumbled across your blog and I think its lovely. Loreal waterproof Voluminous Million lashes mascara is amazing.
    I’d love to send you few from Canada. Please email me 🙂
    Sending lots of love from – 35

  2. I skip the mascara and just wear matte lipsticks (if I put something on that is). It’s worked for me through rain,snow,hail and more weather. I’ve gone through way to many smudges and noticeable mistakes to keep using mascara daily here haha.

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