14 Greenland blogs to kick off 2014

Why not make 2014 your year to actually visit? To whet your appetite to venture North, here’s 14 different blogs from across this island! 

Lots of people have been interested in Greenland because of its cameo in the movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. Which was, by the way, filmed entirely in Iceland. Even so, it’s given Greenland some coverage – even if they joke that only eight people live in Nuuk and the city is so much nicer in real life!

When I was looking for information about Greenland before I got here, I found it quite difficult to find anything of value written by individuals. I probably wasn’t looking at the right places online, but that’s also the point – it’s hard to know where to find information if you don’t know where to find it.

Here’s my pick of blogs about Greenland in no particular order that I discovered while cyber-surfing. If you want to learn more about real-life here, about tourism, about being a foreigner, about dog mushing, about hardship and hopes, try some of these. Most are written in English, a few are in Danish.

1. Ultima Tunu: To dare to share what I see

Blog: ultimatunu.wordpress.com

A German woman who moved to East Greenland nine years ago bravely entered the world of writing last year. She’s married to a Greenlander and writes about living and hunting in Ittoqqortoormiit. All I can think is that she’s my hero, to have the guts to do what she’s doing!

2. Filipina in Nuuk: Freezing but certainly not leaving!

Blog: ibajaynuuk.blogspot.com

It’s not always easy being an immigrant in Nuuk – and there sure are lots of Filipinas! Dani’s not afraid to share what she thinks and I respect her for that.

3. Naja Carina Steenholdt: An Arctic point of view

Blog: blog.najasteenholdt.com

Photo: Patrick Morell

A young and socially conscious Greenlander originally from Aasiaat, Naja is an artist and a political and social sciences student at the University of Greenland. Her latest claim to fame was giving a speech on her vision for Greenland at the Arctic Circle Assembly.

4. Dorthe Ivalo: An everyday glimpse from Sisimiut

Blog: dortheivalo.blogspot.com

Dorthe’s been blogging for awhile – since 2007 on this gig in fact! She writes in Danish about everyday living in Sisimiut – about knitting, northern lights, about storms and everyday life just above the Arctic Circle.

5. Postcards from Greenland: Digital postcards sent directly to you

Blog: postcardsfromgreenland.com

Anne Rønne is a journalist/academic who is in Nuuk with her partner in crime who upholds law, Mads. She moved here at the beginning of 2013. She posts pictures, providing funny little insights about life in Greenland along the way. For example, she tells you why this star decoration isn’t quite Greenlandic!

6. Gary Rolfe: polar expedition dog musher

Blog: garyrolfe.blogspot.com

Gary Rolfe is an expedition dog musher living in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland. He’s originally from New Zealand but never dreams of going home.

7. Sarah Woodall: To Kalaallit Nunaat I go

Blog: 2kalaallitnunaatigo.wordpress.com

In 2012, Sarah from USA started as an intern at Visit Greenland in Nuuk. Little did she know that Greenland would become her life and career. She now works from Washington DC as an external research consultant for the national board mapping tourism insights amongst other things. Perks of the job include visiting so many towns in Greenland you wouldn’t believe it…

8. Greenland Travel Guide

Blog: greenlandtravelguide.com


Greenland Travel Guide is just that – giving one inspiration to  . It contains tasters for what is amazing about this country, and tips for how to get around. I do a bit of armchair travelling myself researching and writing this for Greenland Tours!

9. Thomas Barefoot: running in the Arctic

Blog: thomasbarefoot.wordpress.com

Why people run, I don’t know – but Thomas makes a pretty good case for it! He writes about running around in the Arctic, not only in the summer but also in the winter! He’s got all these funny specialist shoes to do it too. A Nuuk resident writing in Danish.  

10. Ji Chang lulu: development, investment, exploitation of natural resources

Post: jichanglulu.wordpress.com


Not exclusively about Greenland, Ji Chang writes about exploitation of the natural industries. Greenland has popped up more often in her blog posts recently!

11. Kunuk 86: Photos from Greenland

Post: kunuk86.blogspot.dk

Kunuk Brøns is showing his home city of Nuuk through his stunning photography. The featured photo for this blog is by the way his!

The next three blogs are not so regularly updated anymore (if at all) however they were too good to leave out!

12. Christine i Sisimiut: Life above the Arctic circle

Blog: christineisisimiut.wordpress.com 

Sitting at home in Copenhagen, Christine applied for a physiotherapist job north of the Arctic Circle. Being the only one who applied for the job, she got it. She spent 2.5 years in Sisimiut, and late last year returned home. It’s a great collection of stories and pictures so I’m including this link even though it’s no longer updated.

13. Mikkels: A cultural guide to Greenland

Post: Mikkels.com

Photo from Mikkels.com

This blog is also too interesting to leave out too. Mikkel writes as a high school teacher from Sisimiut. He gives his some valuable ideas on how to understand the Greenlandic culture. If you’re a teacher, work in communication or just want to understand how people interact in Greenland, you should read this blog.

14. Leif Petersson: Greenland Command, Grønnedal

Post: leif-petersson.blogspot.com

Leif Petersson was a contracted painter who serviced the Greenland Command in Grønnedal, the former Danish navy headquarters of the Arctic. Grønnedal was largely disbanded, the Faroese and Greenlandic commands merged, and the headquarters moved to Nuuk. Petersson lived in Greenland from 2004 – 2011.


15. The Greenland Dog Blog

Blog: Greenland dog blog

This blog is about a sweet American dog lover who also happens to be an ecologist. Oh and moved to Greenland from late 2014 to early 2016. She’s since moved back to Alaska where she previously lived.

15. Fam. de Graaf: Saving the natives

Blog: http://www.lightingreenland.com/

This missionary family from the Netherlands focuses on life in East Greenland. They have lived here since 2014 and are trying to build a mission house in Tasiilaq. The blog is in Dutch.

Well, that’s all for now! You might ask why I’ve only included two blogs from native Greenlanders. It’s because I can’t remember seeing more while lurking around on the internet. And if you’re here for the first time at The Fourth Continent, I should probably also mention that I’m also a blogger based in Nuuk, Greenland!

So if you’re a blogger from Greenland who would like to be found, or you’re a fan of another cool or interesting Greenland related blog please comment below!

23 thoughts on “14 Greenland blogs to kick off 2014

  1. Hi, tanny! I think i have seen you somewhere here in Nuuk already…haha! Anyway thank you and let me know when can i share a cup of coffee with you……btw, will there ever be a possibility that all these Greenland bloggers can have a “get together”? Just asking….. 🙂

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