SSS: ‘starved from shopping syndrome’


Fruits of shopping…gifts ready to be shipped off!

While my credit card was rejoicing at the fact it was hard for me to spend money on pretty or cool things, I spiralled into the depths of SSS: starved from shopping syndrome.

Living on a hard-to-reach island in the High North does have its perks, but its abundance of high street shopping arcades is not one of them. Some people make up for it with internet shopping or being creative with their hands. Not me; I volunteer at the Red Cross shop and then end up spending money there. Bargain shopping.

Away from friends and family, the recent break wasn’t that easy for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed a lovely Christmas and very festive New Years. Everything was beautiful. Peaceful. Quiet (except for the constant banging away of amazing deregulated fireworks).

I was just a little bored.

There were probably a number of factors for this. One, I’m not very good at being by myself and my dear J was busy working during the break. Two, my usual holiday activities in Australia would have (for example) consisted of trying out different restaurants, hanging with friends by the beach or going shopping at the mall. All things I couldn’t really do much here.

I already knew there was no beach I could sun bake by, but I just wasn’t ready for the uneventfulness of the shops! They closed during most of the Christmas break. Surprisingly, they also didn’t have any big sales immediately after the new year – I found out later that you have to wait until February.

Don’t laugh, but I really really really was so disappointed. This is also probably because I expected lots of post-Christmas sales.

It was then I realised how much I connected holiday cheer to credit card cheer. At least in Australia, we’re like trained monkeys holding credit cards during this time =) Huge crowds await for the re-opening of stores after Christmas.

While my credit card was rejoicing at the fact it was hard for me to spend money on cool or pretty things, I spiralled into the depths of SSS: starved from shopping syndrome. So I did what I hadn’t done much in the past year – I pulled out my credit card and started internet shopping!

And that’s the end of my sob story.

Now here’s the other side to the tale: By utter coincidence I am currently in Denmark for work. Admittedly also revelling in the splendour of seeing 50% off signs everywhere. Nothing looked so glorious…. heeheeehee. However, another symptom of SSS is the binge shopping antics you might develop – during my limited spare time, I’ve exercised my credit card more than enough 😉 My threshold has lowered though – 5 days on and I’ve had enough of it…

The other other side:: My friend reminded me to add in the reason why there are no sales in the first half of January. It is because everyone gets paid a month and a half in advance in December before Christmas and New Years, so by the time January comes along many people are poor and penniless. Typically employees get paid monthly and there isn’t much of a saving culture in Greenland. Because it’s one of the worst performing months in the year for the shops, they don’t bother advertising or running promotions. They know that’s how it is. As you have it, I was informed the sales started the day I flew away…

Time to do something more healthy for my soul!

Have you ever experienced the need to shop? And then felt guilty for over-consuming? =)

4 thoughts on “SSS: ‘starved from shopping syndrome’

  1. Hi Tanny, Sounds like you’ve been having fun! 🙂 I was just like you when we lived in Khartoum, Sudan – not too much to spend my money on there. But when we left the country for work, everyone gave me their shopping list. So I got to not only find a few things for myself, but for 10 other people too. It was wild! 🙂

    And what an interesting payment system – the month and a half before the holidays. I’m curious, you said there’s not much of a saving culture in Greenland. Why do you think that is? ~Terri

    • Hi Terri,

      It’s also great not to spend too much money. =)

      I’ve had a conversation with different people here and some suggest that it goes back to having to live from hunt to hunt in the past.

      There doesn’t seem to be a big history of saving, planning or documentation. When they get paid, they just spend what they have and don’t think so much about the future.

      That’s at least what I’ve heard…

  2. I love your blog! I often over shop, I live in Los Angeles so it’s easy, but often feel terrible after haha.

    What moisturizer do you use (and your friends) when prepping your skin for that cold environment?

    • Hello Yvonne! Actually Nuuk hasn’t felt that cold this winter – I think minus 10… Sometimes more. Someone told me that once every few years there is a cold blast to minus 40.

      I have been experimenting but I’ve used a Lancôme product which was great. Currently I’m switching between a Dermowoman and Blue Lagoon facial cream. Different price tags but both good…. 🙂 just have to make sure there’s not too much water in the product. When it’s really freezing a cold cream helps too!

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