Dancing on prom night: Årsfest


Prom night: it’s every high school girl’s dream. Warm sealskin boots were replaced by 10 cm stilettos.

The theme was ‘1920s gangsters’, and the transformation was impressive.

The occasion was Årsfest, the annual party at the gymnasium schooling system. It was modelled a bit after what I imagine would be an American prom – at least, there was a prom king and queen!

My first high school formal at 16 years of age was serious business. We girls looked forever for the perfect dress, hired a limousine, and drove to a castle together for the event. The fashion that year was long ball gowns. Two years later, long dresses started getting replaced by shorter, simpler, more elegant and possibly more boring dresses.

I didn’t expect that more than a decade later in Greenland, I would attend my third high school prom – this time as a date of a teacher. You can definitely say that the fashion at prom was nothing less than fun! I liked it that you could wear whatever you wanted – there were too many tiaras to count, but also a mix of grunge, suits, sneakers, bowler hats and skin-tight leopard-print leotards (now that was daring!).

The iphone video below features some students dancing ‘Les Lancier’, which is a set dance performed by 4 couples. It’s been popular in Denmark since the 1860s, and that tradition carried onto Greenland. After that, they also danced the Greenlandic polka and then an extremely talented young band played a set.

Thanks for a great evening!


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