On Animal Planet: Nuuk’s dog whisperer!

Six spellbound dogs at Amtoft family residence AKA dog vacation centre!

Six spellbound dogs at Amtoft family residence AKA dog vacation centre!

I’m happy to say that I am guest blogging for Animal Planet’s ICE COLD GOLD!

To coincide with the Season 2 launch of Animal Planet’s prospecting series ICE COLD GOLD, the executive producer asked me to write a couple of stories that showcased ‘life in Greenland from an outsider’s perspective’. I almost couldn’t as I’m feeling so busy these days. In the end I thought I should continue with my mantra of saying yes to all adventures!

Now that I think of it, IT IS KINDA COOL hey? =D

The first story titled FROM GREENLAND: TENTS ARE NOT FOR STORMS is about a ‘dog whisperer’ in Nuuk who is also a real fan of the show.

Tom Amtoft loves his pets. He’s got three dogs and two cats, and he loves them so much that they ALL sleep in his bed. Did I mention that he’s also got a wife? When I asked him how he managed to fit everyone into the bed at once, he said that they solved the problem by putting a King size bed next to a Queen size one! HAHA!  

In his free time, Amtoft invests his time volunteering for the animal association called ‘Nuummi Uumasut’. Meaning Animals of Nuuk, some concerned pet owners have banded together to try to set up a community sponsored vet clinic, since Nuuk doesn’t have one. You can imagine that this is a huge problem when pets get injured, sick, pregnant or need relocation. I’ve heard sad stories where people have had to shoot their beloved pets due to the lack of a vet when they move to another city in Greenland. So if you want to help their cause, ‘like’ Nuummi Uumasut on Facebook to show your support. One day they may also run an online financial drive to raise money. 

The Amtoft residence also plays the role of a dog vacation centre. The picture above was taken during Christmas time, when the owners of the other three dogs left Greenland for a holiday. Apparently it was much easier than Amtoft anticipated to line them all up and get them to pose quietly for this Christmas family photo. He deserves the title of dog whisperer, don’t you agree? =)

Tom and Petrine in national costume on their wedding day. With their dogs of course!

Tom and Petrine in national costume on their wedding day. With their dogs of course!

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3 thoughts on “On Animal Planet: Nuuk’s dog whisperer!

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  2. Tanny, that is so cool – literally! Congrats on landing the guest blogger gig – wonderful! It’s a shame that you don’t have a vet clinic. Any chance of that changing? ~Terri

    • Thank you Terri! The folks at Nuummi Uumasut are working really hard with getting funding for the vet clinic. They will potentially have a few options, providing they get money for medicine and enough to pay the salary for the vet!

      But get this – after the blog post, Animal Planet is apparently interested in creating a tv show about this journey! Early stages yet, but they are serious about researching into it – how COOL would that be?


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