Team Greenland to Alaska

flags awg2014

Flags at AWG 2014. From Instagram

Today I’m privileged to be flying with Team Greenland to Alaska – for the Arctic Winter Games, Fairbanks 2014!

The Arctic Winter Games is the biggest circumpolar sporting event for Northern and Arctic people of the year! Circumpolar in this case meaning the lands and societies near the poles…

It’s a special sporting event unique to the North. There are regular sports competitions like ice hockey, alpine skiing and even badminton. BUT…they also have dog mushing (sled racing) and Inuit Games sports like ‘head pull’ and ‘knuckle hop’. Check it out, it is alluring in (sometimes strange) and wonderful ways!

A unique sporting event


Ice sculpture at AWG. From Instagram

I’m going as a secretariat volunteer, to help with the planning and preparation of the next AWG in 2016, hosted by Nuuk, Greenland. I know that the organisers in Greenland are planning to use the AWG to develop the skills and capacities of the people and country. It is so much more than just a sporting event.

My role will be the intercultural / international eyes, with a perspective of how to be a great host city. I cannot wait and hope I can make a useful contribution, then and now!

PS If you’re wondering how one flies to Alaska from Nuuk, don’t. It takes a very long time, and with the transfers, it probably takes just as long as to fly to Australia. They are chartering an Airbus, which will hold the 2014 Greenland sports team, plus just over twenty AWG 2016 secretariat and board members (and a handful of planning volunteers).

See you over there – I’ll definitely post some pics on Facebook!

torch day

The cauldron…! From Instagram

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