The couch that was a time machine

Gordons Bay – The last suburb I called ‘home’ before I left. It was a perfect end to an active day – 15 km of cycling and a beaut snorkel (I saw an octopus)!!

As I sunbaked on my couch in my toasty home this evening, I felt closer to the home that was.

Yes, the air outside was a chilling minus 7 degrees, but inside my glasshouse of a home, you could imagine you were in Fiji.

Perhaps wearing a bikini helped the feeling; it was so easy to transport myself to somewhere warm near the sea.

Images of lying on big flat rock at Gordons Bay with my girlfriends after work gently lapped at me like waves pulling sand. Sunbathing. Dipping in the water. Snorkelling. Grazing on king prawns and oysters. Summer after summer. After summer.

Relaxing on that couch, I think I fell into a trance. A blissful state of floating in the warmth.

I say this because nearly two hours later doing not much else, I was beckoned back to reality by my parents on Skype.

Not wanting to leave this state of mind, I took the video call – while lying on the couch.

Today was special. After dad said hello and then goodbye, mum and I went to my old bedroom and played show and tell.

It was funny seeing my old bedroom. Rich wine-coloured curtains, a Danish designer monkey hanging from the ceiling, pictures of Hundertwasser propped on my wall. Blasts of colour, blasts of life.

So back to show and tell – it was her showing, and me telling. For a purpose, mind you.

That sweet mum of mine rummaged through my room to find some things I couldn’t fit into the suitcase last time.

It’s difficult to bring your life over in 30 kilos, but my brothers will visit in July. I hope that they can bring a few things I regretfully left behind.

My favourite snake-skin high heels. A worn-out leather handbag which I still love to bits, my flute which I’ll probably never play (but hope they can bring anyway).

With these artefacts come blissful memories of hot sweaty summer days, outdoor market shopping, and the beaches. Cosy little corner cafes, secret bars I never found, a plethora of delicious restaurants available in the city of Sydney.

It was so lovely, to find myself dwelling in the summery days of Sydney. Right in my living room in the Arctic.

What a magic couch that was, no magic mushrooms involved =)


Walk near Coogee… wasn’t very steady with that app!

7 thoughts on “The couch that was a time machine

  1. Tanny, This is so beautifully written. How lovely of your Mum to transport you back home on her Skype tour. Hopefully your brothers can bring all the items you’re missing. ~Terri

    • Thanks, Terri. It is always nice to chat with family, and the wonders of a video call just makes it closer. Have you had a similar experience? It will be great to get the things my brothers bring, but just lovely to see them again – and to show them my new home.

      Best, Tanny

      On Tuesday, 29 April 2014, The Fourth Continent wrote:


    • Thank you Rosh! The photo itself is just from the iPhone so it’s a bit blurry, but I cannot help but have fond memories of the eastern beaches. It really is gorgeous – more so in real life. And home here in GL is also beautiful 🙂 – Tanny

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