What they’re wearing in ‘Happy in Greenland’

Here’s the fashion guide to what they were wearing in Greenland’s own ‘Happy’ video!

So the whole town wasn’t involved in making the ‘Happy in Greenland’ video, but most knew what was happening at Nuuk Playground Easter Sunday.

Everyone will know someone who participated in this video – if not the entire cast. For myself, I spotted at least ten characters I recognised =)

But what were they wearing and what makes it special? In this video you’ll see people in:

  • Ski and snowboard gear. Because that’s what people wear here everyday. They could also have arrived fresh off the slopes.
  • National costumes. For women, different shades of painstakingly handmade beaded red outfits with seal fur pants, and many other tiny details. For men, the white anoraks and black pants. Both have intricately embroidered leather boots called kamiks.
  • Green jacket ladies. They are part of the team planning the Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk in 2016. On the sleeve of the jacket it’s branded ‘See you in Nuuk’.
  • Mask/Drum dancers. In the video, the masked faces are painted black and red. Drum dancing played different roles in the Greenlandic society. It was a traditional way of reaching decisions in the local town, gathering the community together but also just entertainment.
  • Holding kendamas. The yoyo. Tazo. Taguchi. At one stage, you could see nearly every teenager and kid holding one of these. You swing it around and play tricks with it. This Japanese toy has reached epidemic status!

Happy watching!

PS. I didn’t realise it until I hit ‘publish’, but this is my 100th post! Thanks Greenland for the happy days and to anyone and everyone who happened to stumble upon my blog…

14 thoughts on “What they’re wearing in ‘Happy in Greenland’

  1. Hi, my name is Lindsay Wright from New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.
    I loved your “Happy” video by Pharrell Williams, with all of the crazy Greenlanders dancing & singing;
    however my true intentions for contacting yourself being that I have an interest in purchasing/acquiring some
    of the clothing that the people wore in the video.
    In particular I am partial towards the white “one piece” jacket worn by an Greenland native male.
    Sir, is there a website I could peruse these items of clothing on; if so I would be much obliged if you could
    email any relevant details on my prior request.
    Much Obliged,
    Lindsay Wright.

    • Hi Lindsay, you can check Anori art in Nuuk for some pieces of the National costume. Unfortunately they don’t have a website. As everything is painstakingly handmade, it is quite expensive to purchase a national costume. You could also look for anoraks in other inuit communities in the USA or Canada.

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  4. Tanny, It is a very happy video and everyone looks glowingly happy, great music and lively catchy dance! Feels like dancing with the music. Dad

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