Greenland House Hunters International!

Jonas, Tanny and Anika (the realtor)

The first House Hunters International episode filmed in Greenland will air tonight featuring our story.

It’s weird having your life described for a TV reality show, but I imagine that it will be even stranger watching yourself on TV. That’s tonight for me.

The synopsis:
After years of a long distance relationship, Australian national, Tanny is ready to settle down with her Danish boyfriend Jonas, in Denmark. As if that wasn’t going to be a big enough adjustment to make, at the last minute, he gets a job in Greenland. So change of plans. Greenland is the largest island in the world and one of the least populated places on earth. Like Alaska, there aren’t many roads. Housing is scarce and expensive. Fortunately, Jonas will be working for a publicly owned company, so the government will offer him government owned housing at a reduced price, but there’s a catch. It’s take it or leave it, only one choice. So Tanny is moving from the bottom of the world where it’s warm and tropical, to the top of the world just below the Arctic Circle, leaving her family, friends and job, everything really, all for love. This guy Jonas must be quite a catch.

I guess the last sentence is true, although I wouldn’t have put it quite like that!! 😉

Air time:
May 12, 2014, 10:30 PM e/p and May 12, 2014, 1:30 AM e/p

By strange coincidence:
I’m actually in the USA for work right now, so I will be spending the evening watching it with my fellow Greenland blogger and friend, Sarah Woodall. =) That’s befitting, as I hadn’t even heard of this TV show before she put HHI in touch with me! Apparently it’s a popular show in America, and most of my friends who live here already watch it and love it! HAHA. Unfortunately, Jonas won’t be able to see it until a few months from now when we get the DVD, unless someone tapes it for us.

Behind the scenes:
Here are some shots ‘behind the scenes’ courtesy of Claire from HHI. I should say that it was such a fun gig because of the amazingly fun and professional crew – luckily they were cool because it was an intense four days together!

Filming seal tail and other bits at the local market

Grace – the fixer

Crazy Jon from Touring Greenland taking us fishing in the fjord

The old harbour in the background

The crew went on a helicopter ride to get some shots. What an amazing job they have!

Fishing scene


Aputsiaq *Little Snowflake* came by to help on behalf of Visit Greenland

The HHI crew: Martin, Gordon and Claire all suited up for outdoor fishing

15 thoughts on “Greenland House Hunters International!

  1. Wow. I just watched on Netflix! I became obsessed I had no idea it was you. I found your blog on accident. Now I must go back and re watch it. You were so cute and funny. By far my favorite couple. Because of your appearance I now want to travel to Greenland😁 hopefully we can stay in touch. Take care. So glad you both are doing great. Congratulations on Pippa so adorable

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