Local folklore: Do you know Jerry?

Tom and Jerry. Source: http://www.deviantart.com/

American pop culture reached Greenland a long time ago. Every so often, I hear references to TV shows. 

This one goes like this:

A couple from Greenland travelled overseas to a long-awaited holiday in Portugal by the sea. They really were looking forward to the warmth of the sun, as winter in Greenland had been so cold!

The boutique hotel that they checked into was beautiful – a cute and cozy place in the centre of the old town overlooking the sea. They couldn’t wait to explore the place, so they dropped their things quickly in the room and went for a look-see.

After a dip in the water, followed by a lazy dinner and a few glasses of wine in town, they returned to the room ready for bed. It had been a nice relaxing afternoon. Warm, very warm, just as they had hoped for.

They brushed their teeth. They were ready for a good night’s sleep.

Suddenly, they heard a scuffle.

Not sure what it was, the couple looked around the room. Was someone out there?

Then they saw it – and the man screamed.

Panicked, the woman called the hotel reception for help. She asked if the receptionist knew the show ‘Tom and Jerry’.

“Yes,” the receptionist replied, thinking that maybe they wanted to watch the cartoon.

“Well, Jerry’s in the room! Can you please come and collect him?’

“Errr, Jerry….?” the receptionist repeated a little confused.

“Yes… he’s in the room!”

Finally the receptionist got the reference and thanks to the show Tom and Jerry, a problem was solved.

Heeheehee. So the day I heard this story, I learnt a new Greenlandic word – Jerry. It means ‘rat’ or ‘mouse’!

P.S. This story has made the rounds and it’s become somewhat folklore in Greenland… and as every good story has the right to get better, I have embellished it a little as I didn’t know the whole story. The main point of course remains. 😉

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