When Europe is closed for summer

Happy weekend in Greenland! =)

In Greenland, almost all people have a summer vacation. This means that work is pretty empty; and even the finest restaurants in Greenland can take a short break.

In Iceland, they have similar notions with good weather. When there are signs in front of shops saying ‘Closed due to weather’, it can also be because it is sunny outside.

Both the Icelanders and Greenlanders are probably doing something like this while closed for summer:

Puppy resting. Source: Funckr

Lemurs enjoying the sun. Source: Dailymail.uk.co


Pitbull terrier enjoying the good weather. Source: www.bterrier.com

One’s gotta enjoy life when the sun is out, hey? =D

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20 thoughts on “When Europe is closed for summer

  1. When I read closed for summer, my initial thought was that you had bad season – because we did here. So little good, sunny weather and hot days… 😦

    • No, everyone is closed because it’s summer, and summer is when everyone PLAYS! =) It’s been a fantastic summer for the record. Then September came… and you can tell the weather is turning. Some wondrous northern lights already though!

        • It is mesmerising. It can be hot in the summer, but more when there is no wind and the sun is shining. But it’s very dry weather. I don’t go by Celsius anymore… 🙂

          On Thursday, September 4, 2014, The Fourth Continent wrote:


          • I bet it…. Then say it in Fahrenheit I’ll translate… 🙂 It is so strange, it says September 4th and here it is 2:30 am September 5th 😀

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    • Many of the tourist operators rely on summer so they are open. It’s more in the offices, that it will be empty. And there are not that many restaurants but the finer ones also close down for a short period in the summer. More likely because they cater to the locals rather than the tourists – and they need a holiday too! 🙂

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