Young helping young in Greenland: INUA Red Cross Project


Greenlandic Red Cross invites all young people to an open house in Nuuk on Monday!

The youth project INUA from the Greenlandic Red Cross hosts an open house event on Monday September 15th at Oles Nye Varehus in the center of Nuuk at 16.30. All young people in Nuuk are invited to stop by for a piece of cake and some coffee, while learning more about what INUA is and what it means to be a volunteer at the project INUA.

In short, it’s a youth project where the young help the young – to gain confidence, to feel included, and to learn about the benefit of volunteering.

Below is an interview with one of the volunteers, where she describes what it is like to volunteer for INUA:
Uiloq, 19, Highschool student at GU and volunteer at INUA in Nuuk:

What do you think about volunteering for INUA?
“I think it is really exciting to be a part of INUA, because I learn so much about myself, and it gives me such a good feeling inside, to experience that we are actually helping and doing something good for others. Sometimes when walking around in Nuuk I meet the young people who come to our activities, and they come up to me and chat, which makes me very happy. Then I really feel that we are making a difference for the youth in Greenland. We young volunteers also have a really good friendship, and it is really cool being together in wanting to do something good for others.”

What do you gain from volunteering for INUA?
”I get the feeling of having ownership of a project, and I feel I am part of a project that changes something for the better. INUA is a project that works with the things young people struggle with here in Greenland. It is so cool to be part of a project that puts focus on the fact that many young people here are struggling with different problems, and that we young people have a big strength and can help each other a lot if we work together”

At INUA young people work with and for young people- why is that good?
”I believe that the young people who come to our activities have the feeling of quickly getting close to us volunteers, because we ourselves are a part of the Greenlandic youth. We are all young people, and our lives are quite similar, so we know a lot about what challenges young people in Greenland are facing in their daily lives today.”

By INUA, Naja Lauritzen

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