Australia and summer, here I come!

For the first time ever, I will be going on a holiday to Australia!!

In less than two months time I will be roasting in the Sydney summer, going for swims and bush walks. Eating great food, discovering new secret bars, meeting old friends and revisiting haunts. And seeing my family!! 🙂 I look forward to sweating. To wearing thongs (sandals in Aussie language). Wearing JUST a Tshirt and a pair of shorts. Having too many restaurants to choose from. It might even be cool to be stuck in a traffic jam… But only a Nuuk version of ten minutes 🙂

Do you miss anything about another life you once had? IMG_6809.JPG

21 thoughts on “Australia and summer, here I come!

  1. You should visit mum and dad in Brisbane, their house is beautiful. I miss that house when I am here. Safe travel, Jessie.

    • Hey Jessie! That sounds really nice… also saw an old picture of your home in Mosman… does that bring back memories? Love to spend time in Brisbane, hopefully next time when I get a longer stint there. I feel like I’ve been away so long that I need to spend as much time as possible with my family. Hope you Mike and Flux are doing well…. where are you these days??

  2. I was watching a cooking show the other day with a British chef in Cabramatta. He did Vietnamese yabby and choko salad and I almost died from hunger and longing. Have fun down there!!

  3. Yeahhh!!!! Australia! Why not Melbourne? 😀 But I suppose you will be very busy in Sydney, as you said, seeing the sights and catching up with everyone there. As summer approaches, I’m sure I’ll hear the words thongs being thrown a lot around more. You might also want to throw a shrimp on the barbie while you’re visiting. Oh, don’t forget to eat Tim Tams and lamingtons too!

    I miss Singapore. Spent seven years there in primary and secondary school. I miss the tropical weather and the fact that you could wear shorts and a T-shirt all year round. Miss the yum cha too. And the $3 Nutella waffles just beside my school. Sniff.

    • Thanks Mabel =) Yeh… I’m not a big fan of lamingtons but I have recently become a fan of the pavlova. The Greenlanders do lots of things with meringue and I love it!! Topped with fruit… yummm!!! Love Melbourne as a city, if I had time it could be cool to visit =) I will be doing a few road trips but only a couple of hours in distance! I sure appreciate being able to drive, especially after circulating around in Nuuk for the past half year =) I guess in Singapore it also feels the same, that the country is only three hours from one end to another…. that sounds like a long time now in comparison to GL!

      We will be going en-route to Singapore. In fact, the transit will be 20 hours, so it will take in all four days to get from Greenland to Sydney. That’s because you include one buffer day for Greenland, and 20 hours of transit in Singapore. At least I’m flying with Singapore Airlines!

      I agree that it will be weird to wear next to no clothes. Strange……!!

      • It sounds like you have one big holiday planned and that you have planned loads already. I think it’s wise to stop over for almost a day or more en route to the other end of the world. You’d probably get some rest in Singapore AND get to see a bit of it!

        So in advance I will wish you welcome back, and hope you have a good journey. It’s been quite warm for spring on the east coast of Australia so far, so yes, by all means travel light on clothing 🙂

        • Hehe I will NOT be bringing much of my clothing from here, I can guarantee you that! For one, I still have a whole wardrobe I should probably sort through in Aus. The second is that I want to be able to go shopping =D I can’t wait for a day in Singapore, eating at the hawker stores – chilli crab is on my list, and if you have any good suggestions let me know! =)

          • Singapore? Definitely go for the chilli crab, and I would definitely recommended Hainanese chicken rice – soft chicken with fluffy rice, yummy! I’ll also recommend popiah – wraps full of vegies and nuts! My favourite!

            As for drinks, try freshly squeezed sugarcane juice 🙂

  4. Though it has been only five weeks since I left with my family finland for good I start to miss that everything is digitalization e.g. I registered in one government body and nearly everything is done and good but here in Germany everything is still good ol paperwork and no institution has any clue what the other is doing and I need to get stamps stamps and more stamps in every office!!
    Sure there are some other smaller things such as some ice cream flavors but right now nothing else what I miss 🙂

    • Hahaha… I can’t wait to try the world’s best icecream in Sydney!! I can’t believe that they ranked number one!
      I think that it is incredible just how much people can adapt from one place to another. I would never have thought I would not be able to go without 3G on my phone – but I spent the past year and a half without really going online on my mobile. I find it is great at dinner parties here, because people are not constantly looking at their mobile phones.

      It goes the same with paperwork – in some ways GL seems to be a place in need of more bureaucracy, and in other cases it is waaaay too confusing! Hope you’re settling alright in Germany – are there many cultural differences that you have to get used to again? I remember they said that in Germany, people don’t really care how they park =) Here, they don’t switch off their engines when they go into a shop (even in the summertime).

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