Winter break at Kangi Ski Center


Do you remember the last time you had an offline weekend? If not, I completely encourage you to try it – it’s like chicken soup for the soul.

I didn’t realise I needed a break. It was only after coming back from a completely out-of-range weekend that I realised just how good it was to get away. Two nights in the fjords felt like the longest weekend ever, probably because time stood so still. One didn’t have much to dictate life but the turn of the sun and a grumbling stomach.

Formerly a popular place to ski, I heard that Kangi Ski Center shut down due to the ski lift being built in Nuuk. It’s still a popular place to go hunting for small game, back country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. We first went there in the summer when my twin brothers came to visit Greenland from Australia. We wished to give them an ‘authentic hut experience’ and in the meantime have fun ourselves. That meant no running water (except the glacier stream just outside), no electricity and simple cooking utilities which included a gas stove. The only connection to the outside world was through an iridium radio, as there was also no phone or internet connection. Simple living, and probably Greenland at its best.

Below are a few shots taken with my mobile phone.

We decided to take a completely offline getaway, which also included no cameras and enjoying the view with our eyes, not through a lens. Of course, I regretted it multiple times when there so took some snaps. Especially when seeing the beauty of the full moon (which literally lit up the entire place by reflecting the snow, even at 4am) and the northern lights….

Our neighbour collecting water from the stream. The water runs from a glacier. Most of the landscape had frozen.



One of the huts.IMG_7038.JPG

The outhouse and our host Knud Henrik’s hut when he stays overnight. Taken in the early morning.


A frozen waterfall. REALLY SLIPPERY! =)



Simple living in the huts. Playing board games, washing up with headlamps, sleeping on thin mattresses.





Playing badass and shooting targets.




Knud Henrik’s dog. Beautiful 11-month old husky.


Finally, on the way home – in warm body suits! 


We took off on Friday afternoon, 4pm. Light was quickly fading. After a twenty minute boat ride from Nuuk, we reached the shore of Kangerluarsunnguaq. We then hiked in the quickly towards the huts, which was about one hour’s hike away. The best thing about going with Knud Henrik to Kangi Ski Center is that he will take your luggage for you from the shore and drive it into the huts. This time it was by snowmobile, in the summertime it was by a little four-wheel tractor. Makes the hike much easier, and it’s the same deal on the way home!

In Greenland, it’s pretty expensive to use the internet, and perhaps it’s better if you just forget that part altogether. It’s frustrating sometimes to think you might be offline, but you’ll have a much better holiday just accepting that life goes on without the internet, and enjoy the fullness of what Greenland can give you – a chance to get away.

Note: this trip was a private holiday and not sponsored. It is very reasonable and highly recommended 🙂

14 thoughts on “Winter break at Kangi Ski Center

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  2. Oh my! It looks soo cold but cool at the same time 😀 The last time I had offline from the whole world was when I was sailing in Raja Ampat in June for 10 days. The longest one was in Cuba – for nearly three weeks we were offline 😉 but it was nice and I did enjoy those “offline” moments.
    Great photos and I love the idea to be offline once a while, just to enjoy nature and surrounding. Have a great weekend!

    • Hahah! Yeh three weeks is a long time! Offline means no emails, no news, no facebook, no stocks, no banking, no buying…… it means so much these days =) I don’t remember the last time since I was offline for three weeks since I was online …. ever! So great job!

      You just need the right clothes and you’ll be right. For example, right now I have the WRONG clothes in Denmark, because I thought it would be warmer… and I’m catching a cold! Haven’t really caught one in GL yet! =) Stay warm and safe, Indah! =)

  3. In Finland many people tend to switch off their phones or anything related what might connect them to the outside world when they go to their cottages 🙂

    It has been many years that I did cross country skiing but honestly, I do not miss it. I am terrible in it compared to most people I know…
    For now I enjoy having anything I need nearby, too long/ too often I have been out in the nature and right now I dont need it for a while 🙂

    • Haha. I can say that since the invention of the Internet came along, I was never really been offline. Then I moved to Greenland and went back a step – for a year, I only really used3G or mobile internet when I was connected to wifi. It made me realise how distracted people who had access to the Internet at the dinner table were – so it’s a good rule I will try to Abide by from now 🙂

      Two days away was perfect – unplugged, rewound. Any longer and I could go a little crazy 😉

      • I remember that I tried to use many years ago also 3G connection at my cottage. Let’s just say that back then the costs were still pretty high so I gave up on it after just few minutes.
        Being only a certain time frame which you can control unplugged is fine by me but as soon as it starts to get longer I’m out of there :p

  4. I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend or day when I was unplugged…though I do remember a few days when I went out and only checked my emails at night. That looks like a great adventure you had. With no one else in sight, time does looked like it stopped. Doesn’t look like the cold bothered you too much, but with views like that, I’m sure you didn’t mind feeling cold.

    That looks like a cozy dinner in the hut. What did you eat?

    • Honestly, with the right clothes you can’t feel a thing. I didn’t have my warmest jacket on so cooled down quickly when I stopped walking. I think it was about minus 3, but with the low humidity it is warmer.

      We made chilli con carne one night – prepared and warmed up!!

      • It’s always wise to keep moving when you’re outside in the cold. That gets the blood pumping in the body and naturally your body temperature rises. But it’s so hard to get started when you are shivering and feel like an ice-block! 😀

        Chilli certainly warms you up! It only takes a bit of chilli before I start sweating!

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