Sydney in the summertime

Sydney in December is brilliant and a perfect way to cap off the Greenland lifestyle in 2014. 

After eight months of snow, it was a nice change to go to walking around in shorts and sandals! As we start returning towards the Northern hemisphere tonight, I would like to say thank you to the blogging community for the year and best wishes for 2015.

Here’s a few photo faves from the mobile capturing our time in Sydney:

Relaxing near the Forster region and waking up to this. IMG_7712.JPG

And bathing with this view in the Blue Mountains.


Getting a tan =)IMG_8001.JPG

Listening to thunder in the Blue Mountains (something I don’t think I’ve ever heard in Greenland).


Eating fresh food – amazingly soft yet green avocados, fresh eggs and mushrooms.IMG_7679.JPG

Eating Australiana – pies and fish and chips!IMG_8007.JPG

Freshly shucked oysters from the oyster farms behind…IMG_7723.JPG

Swimming outdoors… in waterholes and beaches and lakes…. =)IMG_8058.JPG

Balmoral beach.Balmoral Beach

Enjoying art and cool spacesIMG_7898.JPG

Revisiting old haunts but seeing new things! This awesome new building is designed by Frank Gehry for University of Technology, Sydney where I previously worked and studied.


Cosy outdoor beer gardens The Oaks beergarden.JPG

And last but not least… seeing friends and family!


Adios Sydney, I suppose it will be awhile before I see you again.

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