Tips for flying with Air Greenland

With every airline there’s a few tricks to know for a smoother journey. Read this if you’re flying with Air Greenland. Some of this is local Nuuk information, other bits are useful for all passengers flying in and out of our island =)  


  • Bring your own booze. Remember to take advantage of the duty-free alcohol you can bring over to Greenland. You won’t regret it, as alcohol is not only expensive to buy but also closed half the times you want to buy it. =) This is something everyone in Greenland already knows! I’d say the same with cigarettes, but I don’t really like to promote lung cancer.
  • If you have a connecting plane to catch, book the first two planes out of Nuuk. I have heard that this is something you must do if you want to ‘up’ your chances of flying to Denmark. The first two planes out of Nuuk are usually stationed at the local airport already, so they are most likely to take off unless it is direly bad weather. There are a few ways to prevent a plane from landing, however, including fog, which then means that if you are on a later flight out of Nuuk, that you might not fly at all.
  • Consider a stopover at Kangerlussuaq, the main airport hub of Greenland. If you have many hours or are staying overnight in Kangerlussuaq, consider taking a musk ox safari. You can also do a few touristy things on a shoestring budget!
  • Leave a buffer day or get insurance. Just in case your plane is delayed due to bad weather across the Atlantic.


My portable luggage scales. Photo: Absoluteconceptz

  • Keep to the baggage weight limit. While other airlines might be more lax about the kilos of baggage that you check in, note that Air Greenland has one of the strictest policies around. One reason is that Air Greenland is not just a passenger airline and is carrying cargo too so weight is precious. Strictness really depends on who you get at the check in / bag drop counter and how full the plane is. I heard a journalist from Danish Radio DR get asked to pay extra baggage fee for being 1.2 kilos over the weight limit.
  • Remember all of your luggage options! You are only allowed to bring on one hand luggage worth 8 kilos if you have checked in, but you can also bring along a small handbag, a book, umbrella and overcoat amongst others. The best thing is that all of these things do not contribute to luggage weight! Use your jacket pockets if you have small but heavy items – I love my Fjallraven coat because of that.
  • Check in online – there is no email sent to your inbox to remind you of this possibility, so perhaps that’s something Air Greenland can consider doing if they want to increase online check-in uptake, especially from Copenhagen. Most days from the Danish capital it’s a much shorter wait if you check-in first – the lines can sometimes run long, although always friendly.
  • If you’re flying FROM Greenland to Iceland or Denmark…You only need to check in one hour before the flight. Don’t bother wasting two hours at the airport – it is also small so not that much to do.
  • If you’re not checking luggage in…You can fly with 15 kilos hand baggage! It’s a new policy Air Greenland has recently introduced.


Besides beer, Nespresso coffee can also be ordered at the ‘Green bar’ at Kangerlussuaq airport.

  • If you have a short time in Kangerlussuaq…go upstairs to ‘The Green bar’ for a beer in cosy settings and a view.
  • If you have longer time…go outside for a walk if you have time and the appropriate outerwear. I have never made it there myself but the walk to the bridge is meant to be pleasant! If you prefer to look at shops, there are a few just outside the airport – a grocery store, some souvenir and gear shops.
  • If you’re hungry at Kangerlussuaq…Try the musk ox burger. I had to put that in =)


The view you will get if you sit on the right side of the plane to Kangerlussuaq. More aerial photos here!

  • For a great view while flying to Nuuk…
    Sit on the left side for the more dramatic peaks. It’s free seating so it’s worth lining up early for best pick… Or sometimes late to take the reserved seating at the front!
  • From Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq, sit on the right side 🙂
  • From Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat, sit on the right side to see the huge icebergs from above. (If my memory serves correctly)

Well hope that helps you to get around. There is no doubt that you have your own little tricks for flying… Please share? 🙂

One thought on “Tips for flying with Air Greenland

  1. Great tips! Thank you for all the advice! Just have a question about Air Greenland’s checked in baggage policy:
    Is there a limit to checked-in baggage? I couldnt find information on their website and im concerned as I’ll be traveling with 2 suitcases.
    Hope you can help 🙂

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