Google Street View reaches Greenland


Photo credit: Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Google Street View reaches the top of the world! 

You might have used it to check out a cafe in a neighbouring town, or the location for an AirBnB when going on holidays. Now, you can have 360 degree views of what many couch surfers would consider the far flung destination of Greenland.
In a project that has been in the making for some time, Google has sent its tracker up to Greenland to get images of glaciers, viking ruins, and key buildings in the capital both north, south, east and west!
Google street view Greenland highlights fourth continent

From Google

‘Like the norseman of old, you can embark on a journey through Greenland, the world’s largest island, with Street View in Google Maps,’ said Alex Starns, Steet View technical program manager.
It’s the 66th country to be added to Google’s Street View mapping service. Below you can see the places already mapped.

From Google

6 thoughts on “Google Street View reaches Greenland

  1. Amazing. Finally I get visit the best parts of Greenland without having to leave my room…though it would be better if I was physically there 😀 I am pretty sure we only have regular Google street view for roads and popular suburbs. Still waiting for this to go to the Australian outback…and underwater too. That would be so cool. It must be quite an effort and cost quite a bit to go around capturing these places and putting them up on Google, or else this would have happened a while ago.

    • Hey Mabel… the interesting thing about this is that this is just LIFE IN GREENLAND. These are places where people live their normal lives, but it just so happens that they live in these surreal surroundings! Iceberg in Ilulissat? For those who live there, that’s as common as a tree =) A tree would be rather cool!

      It took alot of cooperation with primarily ASIAQ, a survey mapping company, but also support from Visit Greenland, the national tourism board.

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