Talking Greenland with Chicago

The icon of Chicago!

The icon of Chicago!

Some people in Chicago dream of living in Greenland!

Last week, the producer of a community radio station from the USA called 1590 WCGO in Chicago, got in contact because one of their regular guests from the Geoff Pinkus show said that if he could live anyplace on Earth it would be Greenland.

They said that Chicago is too crowded with 2.7 million people, so they wanted to move somewhere with less people. Greenland sounded attractive! =) They then asked a couple of questions – and you can tell they are a funny bunch =)

So if you’re interested in cost of living, housing, jobs, language and what people do in life there, have a listen!

Thanks Daniel, had a blast!

One thought on “Talking Greenland with Chicago

  1. Don’t know why but I can’t seem to listen to the show :/ But if I ever want to escape the very high cost of living in Australia, I will consider Greenland. But I don’t know if I can deal with the much colder climate over there 😀

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