Randomly meeting Korean DJ Morebomb

DJ Morebomb and Tanny Por

Hanging out with DJ Morebomb in Nuuk!

It’s so easy to bump into people in Greenland, even randoms strangers you’ve chatted with online!

This story begins in mid February, when a Korean guy got in touch via Airbnb because he wanted to stay with us while in Nuuk. He introduced himself as a pop columnist/DJ. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to host the last few months, but we agreed that we would have coffee together when he was in town.

Then I forgot about Mr DJ, because one month is a lifetime away in Greenland, and dates are easily broken here!


DJ Morebomb looking slick.

Flash forward two months later, and I’m sitting with my colleague Mads for breakfast at Hotel Avannaa in Ilulissat, another town in Greenland. It’s famous for its UNESCO icebergs. Nuuk and Ilulissat aren’t just a walk in the park apart from each other – it can take up to 3 hours to fly there, depending on how many stopovers your flight has. A plane in Greenland can be more like a coach sometimes, in the sense that it touches down to pick up and let off passengers in neighbouring cities.

So back to breakfast. An Asian guy in a red down jacket, jeans and street shoes is eating at the table next to us. I noticed him because he had a curious assortment of food for breakfast – instant noodle soup which he was slurping like any good Asian person should, bread with cheese, and juice. I also couldn’t help but see that his shoes, although trendy, were completely unsuitable for the Ilulissat winter temperature of minus 20 – 30 degrees Celcius!

I asked him if he had any warmer shoes to wear. He said yes, luckily. We got talking. Soon after, he mentioned that he worked in brand marketing, but was also a DJ. That was the trigger…I mean, how many Korean DJs come to Greenland in the dead of winter?


DJ Morebomb ended up playing at Manhattan Night Club in Nuuk!

“Hey, you’re a DJ? I think we’ve talked before ! I’m Tanny!” I said to him.

“Oh!!! Hello!! But don’t you live in Nuuk?” Lee, AKA DJ Morebomb asked puzzled. I explained that I was in Ilulissat for the week on assignment (I’ve since moved into tourism marketing). How exciting this was for him! He comes from Seoul, a city with 10 million people, so chances of meeting someone you’ve talked to online in a city where that person DOESN’T live is rather rare. Of course this is not that unusual in Greenland…but still very fun!

It turned out that we were also scheduled on the same flight to Nuuk, so we ended up having coffee together in the urban capital after all.

I loved getting to know DJ Morebomb more. Here’s some hilariously cool stuff he did =D

  • Sweet, friendly, and completely obsessed about music he told me that he was listening to the soundtrack of Secret Life of Walter Mitty while on holiday in Greenland.
  • He also arranged to DJ at Manhattan, the ‘premier’ night club in Nuuk.
  • He made a ‘falling sunset mix’ while in Ilulissat below!

Thanks for the meeting DJ Morebomb, and I hope to meet you in Seoul one day!

6 thoughts on “Randomly meeting Korean DJ Morebomb

  1. How great to randomly meet in another city and it is also great that you noticed him 🙂
    I would have never noticed him as I am just mentally not available sometimes to notice things around me when going around or chatting with other people!

  2. That is so cool. What a chance meeting and coincidence. He sounds like a very down-to-earth person and someone you can easily carry a conversation with. I hope you enjoyed his set at the night club, it sounds like you did and not often does a Koraen DJ come to your part of the world 🙂

    • I never made it to his night club performance, i am getting too old and have less friends inclined. 🙂 I am sure it was awesome though!!

      When in Oz, i kept thinking that I would bump into someone I knew at the shoos, at the beach, on the street… That never happens but rarely right?

      • Maybe you’ll bump into him again some other time. You never know. Sometimes I go out alone thinking I’ll bump into someone that I know. Most of time time I don’t want to bump into anyone as I want my alone time, but there’ve been times where I have run into someone I know 😀

        • It can happen quite often here. =) Though, sometimes I’m lonely and have no idea what to do so I go grocery shopping. Sometimes I meet people in the supermarket, and it can end up fulfilling a need for socialisation. Or just go to a cafe like a loner and drink coffee by myself. =)

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