How to run over stray kids

“Are you blind?”, an angry mother asked me in English.

She obviously knew who I wasn’t.

I had nearly walked over her kid at Nuuk Center, the only shopping centre in Greenland. Problem was, I was in my own world not thinking about looking down. He wasn’t in my field of vision. And seemingly popped out of nowhere, until he was safely back in the hands of his mother.

I felt a little bad, of course, but then I started wondering why the kid was so far away from his mum in the first place.

The ironic thing was that the day before, I was riding the descending escalators of the same said only shopping centre in town. A toddler looking not older than three was trying to climb up those same escalators. He was struggling, and then he fell down and looked at me bewildered as the steps kept on coming down. Two women passing by looked concerned and stared at me. When I got closer to the bottom, I helped the kid off. If he wasn’t a Greenlandic kid he would have cried. Instead he just looked about in panic.

“Han er ikke min” I said to them with a defensive smile, disowning the child.

They asked him who his parents were. He couldn’t reply, and his mum was nowhere to be seen. Then about 20 long seconds later, his mum, realising that she had lost him came and collected him. He had just strayed for a short moment.

So… if you ever make it to Nuuk Center, or Katuaq Cultural Centre just a friendly tip, if you don’t want to run over kids: Look down. =)

Do you have better pedestrian tips to share? 

One thought on “How to run over stray kids

  1. Don’t blame you for bumping into kids. Always happens to me. I’d be walking in a shopping centre and spy one of them running around metres away…and when I get closer they always almost run into me and make me stumble 😦 Ultimately it’s the parents’ responsibility to look after and watch our for their kids. Enough said.

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