Ode to Learning Greenlandic

These words they sound the same
I don’t want to say your name

Árnaq / Ánaq
(Árnaq meaning ‘woman’ is a popular name in Greenlandic, although foreigners often mispronounce and call her ‘shit’).

These words they aren’t fair game
They put me to shame

Qujanaq / kujannaq
(It is polite to say ‘thank you’, but watch out you don’t say ‘I like to have lots of sex’ instead).

Foreigners live in fear
Words for the blind ear

Angisooq / anisooq
(Say ‘big’ but the Greenlander hears ‘semen’).

Say the wrong thing
Put locals in laughing gear

Ussuk / Usuk
(I want to see a bearded seal… but I guess I also want to see penis).

Here’s one more
Just to make sure
Learning Greenlandic is not a bore!

Nilleq / nileq
(I like the ‘cold’, otherwise I like to ‘fart’)

Thanks to Aviaja Lyberth for your help with this ! =)

And here is a guy who knows much more Greenlandic than me (Paul Barbato).

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