A very blooming Arctic summer

Many in Greenland appreciate nature deeply, and it might be hard for the regular tourist to understand all that is felt and seen. At least, it was for me. The connection that Greenlanders have with their environment runs deep, probably because some locals know the space they live in so intimately.

Did I ever know my backyard as well as some of the people here know the back country? I doubt it. Here people look forward to the turn of each season because with each change, a new ritual awaits. Summer means drinking from the fresh glacier water running down the mountains, hiking, hunting or fishing, and the whispers of autumn mean that wild mushrooms and berries are ready to be picked.

Humble dandelion cherished in Greenland

Even the humble little yellow flower, the dandelion, is cherished with delight by locals. It’s perceived as a weed in some cultures, but brides in Greenland have used it in the wedding bouquet amongst other colourful Greenlandic wildflowers. Pinks, purples, yellow, orange and warm green hues represent summer in Greenland. 

You can walk in the towns and settlements, passing houses on your way to your destination. A meandering walk where few fences define ownership of land. This land is shared, so wildflowers and plants bloom everywhere, sprawling across unmarked territory, painting the landscape in its richness.

Is there a flower or object which is looked down upon in other countries, but is meaningful and treasured by you or your culture?

Photos mainly from my Instagram feed!


3 thoughts on “A very blooming Arctic summer

  1. Mmmm, dandelions and nettles, probably, though you can make delicious soups using both plants. The dandelion is a pretty flower and doesn’t deserve the bad press it receives! I’m not sure whether seaweed abounds in Greenland’s waters, but I think that it’s nice to look at, many types are edible and can also be used to fertilise fields. It’s also coming into vogue as a beauty treatment. Again, I love the photos!

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