Feeling useless in Greenland

Photo: Klaus Eskildsen

Photo: Klaus Eskildsen – Visit Greenland

Have you ever entered a space where you feel completely out of place? During hunting season, this city girl discovered the blood thirstiness of some friends and colleagues. 

It’s always at this time of the year when I feel more useless in Greenland. Ironically, it’s during the summertime. I feel it more during this season when people are so active doing ‘nature stuff’ like hunting for caribou, fishing with hands, climbing mountains three days in a row, and sailing, sailing, sailing. I haven’t tried hunting nor climbing mountains three days in a row, but everything else has been very fun!

For many in Greenland, August means that they can go out and hunt for reindeer, which means that my Facebook stream is peppered with dead animals!

Groups of close friends and family plan the hunt together, discussing where the best place to sail to and hunt is this year. Some families have traditional hunting zones, other groups try their luck in new places. Then they depart into whoop whoop and noone hears from them during this time. There is no phone signal in the fjords. Most people hardly plan anything immediately after because chances are they will be stranded in the fjord for longer than expected. Dates are allowed to be broken. THEN they come back, and if successful with loot, everyone gathers around to listen to the story of how, when and where it was caught. Every little gory detail is included, believe me! 

By the way, if you want to read more about hunting, here is one young Inuit’s perspective of seal hunting.

But it’s not just outdoors, it’s indoors. I don’t knit, I don’t get thrills from baking, I squirm when I gut fish. Everyone else is so talented! So now, it’s time to say ‘adios’ and leave to a place where I’m better suited… Spain with your sunbathing opportunities, gorgeous white villages and overpopulated beaches here I come. We all have our talents ;).

Have you ever felt like you were better suited elsewhere? It’s not necessarily negative or positive, it’s just the way it is. 

6 thoughts on “Feeling useless in Greenland

  1. Whenever the weather is cold or whenever winter rolls around, I feel so out of place. Freezing, cold, numb…times like those I wish I was some place warmer. So for me it is weird to hear you say you are bored in summer 🙂 When it’s warm, I just like to go outside and watch the world. Doesn’t mean I have to do anything to feel happy 🙂 Have fun in Spain.

    • Hey Mabel, I do not say I’m bored in summer at all =) I just say that I’m not able to do the things that Greenlanders do so well, with excellence. =)

      I think summer is a great time of the year, but one has to learn to live with winter here, and maybe even grow to like it… =)
      I love Melbourne winters – they have branded the city well for winter with all the great alleyway cafes and fireplaces!

      • I can’t imagine having to live with cold weather all year round. Hats off to you all in Greenland. This year, winter is very cold in Melbourne with daily temperature tops of 11-12’C 😀

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