Hunting for a bike, Nuuk style

karsten peter jensen bike

Most people who get their bike stolen never expect to see their wheels again. In Nuuk, it is a real possibility that you might. 

This story is about two fools, one brother and 100 lovely people.

Set in 2013, a young Nuummiut (a local of Nuuk) called Karsten worked at the local radio station. During his break he arranged to meet up with a few friends at the café next door, the now closed Barista. It was a great cup of coffee while it lasted. After his caffeine hit, he returned to the station to do one last task – import a new playlist!

Everything was ready. He had even downloaded new music (including a number from New Kids On The Block), and the only action that was needed was to get the music ready for the radio. It would take no time to do this.

So he parked the bike, did the deed and then went out again.

Since it was only five minutes, he thought that it would be okay to dash in and out again without locking the bike.

“This is Nuuk after all,” he thought.

But when he came back…. his most valuable possession was gone!

Facebook is in many ways both good and bad. A hell of a time waster, but a useful place to alert the many at once when your bike is stolen.

The young Nuummiut let the good people of Nuuk know that the bike was stolen through a Facebook picture, and many shared his plight. Many people, both friends and strangers shared his post. It helped him to believe that the chances of finding the bike again would be higher.

While support was amassing on Facebook, Karsten’s brother Jeppe rang him.

“Yo! Let’s have lunch together!” he said.

Even though his bike was stolen, Karsten still had to eat. It had also been a long time since the two siblings had eaten a burger together. So he went to meet his brother at the grill bar, all the while looking suspiciously at each cyclist wheeling past him.

While standing outside the grill bar, Karsten received a phone call from Jeppe.

“Eeehm I just saw a guy with long hair on a bike like yours just pass me,” his brother said.

“AFTER HIM!!, he said to him. And so the hunt began! With the phone on speakerphone, Jeppe relayed his hunt ‘live’. First the thief went down the road, then through the tunnel, up past Nasiffik and around Nuussuaq school. Then unfortunately, Jeppe lost sight of him. The thief was gone. And most likely, the bike was also gone.

Jeppe followed the trail a little more and then suddenly, around the corner, the bike was standing outside an apartment complex! Having closely followed his big brother’s directions, Karsten was not far away from the bike’s final position. After a quick minute he was able to come by and ‘steal’ the bike back. Nuan!

And this was the story of a lunch break which suddenly developed into a hunt for a bike. The story of a brother, helpful Facebookers, and a thief who stole Karsten’s bike and left it unlocked so that the rightful owner could ‘steal’ it back again!

Note: This is a true story and all the characters are real, first retold by Karsten.

4 thoughts on “Hunting for a bike, Nuuk style

  1. Great story. Wish this would be possible also In other countries. Once someone stole from the a special swimming suit (to create more resistance hence terrible hard to swim with) while I was warming up. I am still wondering to this day what anyone might be able to do with this suit as in my hometown and surrounding area is no one, really no one, who can use it without drowning :p

  2. So glad Karsten got his bike back. The power of social media and most of the locals there seem righteous, in a good way, and trustworthy. Sort of feels like it’s a small world when you get something back that matters to you. Don’t know if you’d ever get your bike back if it was stolen in Australia. One, Australia has millions of people. And people here tend to keep to themselves.

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