Follow an Expedition in Greenland on board the M/S Fram

cruise greenland fram

Hurtigruten’s Fram in Greenland. Photo: Visit Greenland – Mads Pihl

I probably should have written this summary post about Cruising in the Arctic myself – it’s articles written from when my colleague Mads Pihl and I sailed from Kangerlussuaq to Upernavik in June this year. So if you want a little glimpse of what I do nowadays for work since I switched jobs about one year ago, here’s a sneak peak…

Written by my friend and (later) colleague, Sarah Woodall =).

Adventures of a Polarphile

16931842484_ce2ea4389d_k Photo credit: Visit Greenland

Recently, two of my favorite colleagues took an expedition with the M/S Fram, a Norwegian cruise ship, along the west coast of Greenland. They were busy working, yes, but they definitely proved the old adage correct:

If you love what you’re doing and have fun doing it, then you never work a day in your life!

Together Tanny Por (whom you may know from The Fourth Continent) and Mads Pihl created these stories that bring you on board with the expedition! They are posted daily in Danish on, one of the national media, and in English on The Arctic Journal, so keep checking back for their latest adventures!

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