Pregnant, not fat.

If you move to Greenland, you have to watch out that kaffemiks don’t get the better of you. The sudden sugar high derived from the many cakes offered and eaten, in addition to the long winter months leading to a potential lack of drive to be active can have an adverse effect on your weight if you don’t make a conscious effort to work out. I have struggled, that’s for sure – I’ve put on kilos since arriving in Greenland.
And as some of you probably know, Asians do not mince their words when you have gotten fat or skinny. I usually wonder with a little sense of dread what my extended family will tell me when I meet them again. Like just this month, when we went for a large family reunion in Malaysia. 
There is a benefit of living in Greenland though. One grandma said to me, “You are so pale – so pretty!” Well, thanks, grandma. I’ve only been covered up in winter woollies and polar jackets for most of the year. When it snows eight months of twelve, it’s pretty easy to whiten up 🙂

When I greeted my other grandma she told me, “Your face is so round, I think you’ve gotten fatter.”
Also true. Since I moved to Greenland I somehow put on six kilos. And even if I’m a size 38 which is an average body type in Europe, in South East Asia I still can’t fit some XL sizing! Luckily this time, however, weight was not an issue – because even if was fatter, I was only due to get even more plump. I’m pregnant, not fat, as I relished telling my grandma 🙂


Our long planned trip to Malaysia was supposed to be a family reunion for my immediate relatives, but it also ended up timed with a larger reunion with all of my extended relations on my father’s side as we celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday. It also befittingly turned into our babymoon, a term I only recently learnt about.
It really was so nice to see my aunties, uncles and countless cousins again, who flew in from all over the world. J and I survived the longest trip though, taking six days to get there! Of my generation three ladies were pregnant, which shows how large our family was – and J got to meet at least 50 of them! 


The big questions we received when we told people that we were expecting were, “Where will you have the baby?” and “Do you know if it will be a boy or girl?”
J and I plan to continue life as normal until it is no longer possible to do this. When we get back to Greenland we will probably have to start thinking in baby-mode though and begin collecting those essential items. We are planning on having the baby at the hospital in Nuuk, which has its upsides and downsides. 
It will be a very different experience for sure, but that will be for another blog post. For now, the other big question: boy or girl? 
In Greenland, the hospital does not tell you officially! I asked a midwife at a social gathering why they have this system in Greenland, and apparently it is to promote equality in the country. Citizens living in the settlements do not have access to ultrasound technology, so that means everyone is unofficially not allowed to know. Plus, the technology is not so advanced here meaning that the picture is less clear, so apparently too many boys were popping out when they were supposed to be girls and vice versa 🙂
We might just find out yet since se are currently overseas, we will see! 


11 thoughts on “Pregnant, not fat.

  1. Congratulations Tanny!! I look forward to hearing news on the fourth continent.
    I recognised your Mum and twin brothers in the photos, and I worked out which one is your Dad.

  2. Congratulations! How nice that you also had a babymoon, something we never had, just stayed in Finland and worked till the end.
    My last family gathering is already over ten years ago and the last really big one at least twenty years. We just don’t get around to plan something like that anymore…

  3. congratulations! =)

    i’m pregnant as well and even though my husband and i kind of wanted to know the gender of our baby, its legs were crossed the whole time during our second ultrasound so it looks like it will have to be a surprise. which is exciting too and keeps everyone guessing.

    and, yeah, ditto on the weight gain.

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