How’s life in your fishbowl?



I’m ready to face reality: I’ve turned boring!

My adventure that is Greenland has turned into the humdrum of everyday life that is restricted by how far I can swim around in this fishbowl of a town. What do fish do? They wade through seaweed, they fight off other fish, they feed on food, and claim the waters around ‘their seaweed’ as their own. At least, I think that’s what they do – I don’t really know much about fish.

Nuuk is my Greenland, and most of what I know about the country. I have been lucky that I’ve travelled around and experienced more depth to the country, because this city is its own fortress island. Inadvertently, my own life is based on what this island community offers.

I know the city quite well, though there are parts I’ve never explored and probably never will. Within my fishbowl I have my own little corner of life. There are comforts to getting to know a place so intimately, however. I guess that’s why people have their favourite cafes, their local hangouts, their regular route around the park in their neighbourhood. Familiarity begets security, security inspires stability. Does stability suggest boring?

In one month I’m scheduled to give birth to a baby that is currently in my belly. I don’t know him or her yet, but I sure will come to get to know him when she arrives. I’m not ready, but I’m trying to prepare myself for this new start in life. Therefore, I have to convince myself that it’s ok to be ‘boring’, to enjoy the simplicities of living in a small city.

Which made me wonder, what do I enjoy about life in Nuuk right now? This is the quick list I came up with:

  • Everything is reachable within 15 minutes by car, 20 minutes by public transport.
  • I have friends who live within walking distance or in the block next door (I loooooooooove this!)
  • I have a wonderful, diverse group of friends and support network
  • There is a slow food and do-it-yourself culture in town
  • The society is very family friendliness
  • There is work-life balance

I didn’t even immediately think about the clean air and nature. Of course, there are many limitations to living in this fishbowl. Kids sometimes overrun the town and the bus and the swimming pool and no-one publicly asks them to consider other people; there is too much focus on life instead of work; it’s annoying that there are only four restaurants and cafes I go to now. I want more. But all in all, I think the most important thing is the high quality of life that is offered here. And I have to value this more.

So I don’t know how you’re feeling. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and bored of living your life. Maybe it means that you need to pack up your things and make a big change; maybe find another fishbowl to swim around in. Or perhaps it’s ok to feel this way, so that you can reflect upon the life that you have created for yourself, see what you love about it and focus on nurturing that sweet spot.

Either way, it’s always good to analyse your life once in awhile.

How’s your fishbowl going?



21 thoughts on “How’s life in your fishbowl?

  1. Hi Tanny,
    I’m lucky to live in the very beautiful fishbowl that is central Scotland, but I’m about to break out and tour the North Atlantic making music with Nordic Viola. I plan to spend a month in Nuuk next February. I’ve visited East Greenland, but I can’t wait to experience a different side to Greenlandic life and to spend a bit longer there. Hope we manage to bump into each other and good luck with the baby!

  2. Hi Tanny, Good luck w/ your upcoming baby. My current fishbowl is Aarhus, Denmark 🙂 My routine w/ work and home is starting to get boring and currently considering a change. I am however grateful for the “stability” that work provides so kind of like being on a crossroad. I also feel lucky that I get to travel to see the other beautiful sights of Europe. 🙂 Let me know when you think about visiting Aarhus again at one point

    • Hi Hej_1234 =) I used to think Aarhus was a small town. Now I realise I like small towns… it’s a very liveable city!

      And stability is sometimes a gift, though it’s always ok to shake things up a bit. I value stability more and more as I get older I think, I don’t know about you.

      Have we met before? I will definitely be spending time in Aarhus during summer. =)


      • Hej Tanny! Thanks for your reply. And I agree, stability is a gift as I get older. The feeling of restlessness creeps up however once in awhile so it’s probably just a question of trying to balance both. 🙂 Who knows!
        And yes, Aarhus is actually an OK city, it has recently been chosen as Nr. 2 in lonely planet’s list of must-see destinations for 2016, not bad! 🙂

        No we have not met before! I must admit I have been sticking to the same group of people since I came here but I would definitely like to broaden my horizons and meet new people. Let me know when you come and hopefully I am not on vacation myself. I am assuming you can see my e-mail address?

  3. It’s true – routine, no matter how sophisticated, gets boring. But you’re about to be shaken out of your comfort zone with a new personality in your lives!

    I find that creativity is often born of constraint. Curious as to the arts scene in Nuuk – is there one?

    • Hi Michelle, Hmm. Good question. Well i Think there are Many creative people in Nuuk and there is an arts scene but more subtly run. And in hubs and nooks and crannies, creativity runs so wild. But it’s not as obvious as in Berlin, for example.

  4. Hi Tanny. I have spend the past 3 months in Nuuk – I´m born and raised in Cph, but have also lived in Barcelona, Sydney and Nairobi. And I am not going to lie, this feels like a fish bowl!! But it´s a quite comfy one 😉 Life here is easy, calm and quite a healthy change from the ever accelerating societies most of us find ourselves in. I am not sure for how long I will be swimming in this bowl, but I am sure that by the time I leave it will have taught me a great deal about accepting a slower pace and the smaller things in this big thing called life. Good luck with the new and life changing adventure that is motherhood. xxxx Therese

    • It definitely Can be a comfortable one. As I heard a friend say, people come for the adventure but end up staying because it is so easy and comfortable. At least it can be. What are you doing in Nuuk? Something medical? Research? Project? My three main guesses 🙂

  5. Man, you have hit home with me right now. Nothing boring here, but what’s what with my fishbowl. Gotta think about that…and maybe swim on downstream aways??

  6. Boring is always great in my opinion but then again I prefer to be out in nature 🙂
    Reading all your blog posts thus far I really have the feeling the visit Greenland one day to see how I would feel there for a few weeks

  7. To be honest, I like boring. That way, I stay out of trouble. That way, I also know what I’m doing and I can enjoy what I want to enjoy around me 🙂

  8. Nice post! Good luck with the upcoming baby 🙂
    My life in fishbowl that is Lodz, Poland is going okay – I would be probably bored too if it weren’t for the frequent traveling. Also, warmer temperatures these days means I cannot complain! 🙂

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