About The Fourth Continent

This is the tale of a young Australian called Tanny who embarked on an unintended adventure to the far North of the world. She had some plans to go north, but not that north…those plans unravelled and Greenland became a serious option to live!

The first few people who found out about this thought it was a joke. Some less geographically aware didn’t even know Greenland was a real country. It is on the opposite side of the world to Australia, after all.

You’re invited to learn more about the world with her as discovers the Arctic and tries to make a life in Greenland, the fourth continent she’s lived in.

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50 thoughts on “About The Fourth Continent

  1. I am planning to travel to Greenland next year and i was searching for travel blogs from real people and i came across your blog. I began reading through your blog, saw your pictures and you look very familiar. I just realized you guys were on the show “House Hunters International”! I am happy to hear that Greenland works out great for you and you guys are happy!
    Can’t wait to see Greenland for myself!

    • Haha apparently House Hunters pops up all over the world! Greenland is an incredible place to visit, if a little difficult to work out sometimes. I’m now working for Visit Greenland, the National Tourist Board so have any type of feedback about searching for info and what you’d like to experience is very welcome! Where did you see House Hunters? Thanks for coming by my blog Zhenia.

  2. Hi Tanny!
    I’m a Chinese girl still in High School-but luckily,at the last year.I really admire your journey and your courage to make so long a trip.Your experience and the multi-cultural environment you grew up in really impressed me and so happy and surprise to read that you even can speak Chinese!
    I’d like to travel around after I graduate from high school,during every summer and winter vacation,from China to the wide world.And maybe one day,not far from now and maybe 2 or 3 years later I would travel to Greedland.I hope I could see you then O(∩_∩)O~
    So do you settle in Greenland,or just stay there for some time and travel along?How could you pay your travel cost?Thank you~

    • Hi Lucy, thanks for your message! You Will be able to travel, but i Think the easiest Way to do it is as an Exchange student at university! So look out for that opportunity when you are there 🙂 I’m Living and working here, but it is expensive to travel in and out and around Greenland. 🙂 it is possible, though, with a bit of planning! You should check out http://www.greenland.com. Keep on dreaming! Cheers Tanny

  3. HI Tanny, really enjoy your blog and find the work you are doing amazing…I must say that I admire your dedication. Tanny, I am planning to go to Greenland (Nook) in early to Mid July, exact date is still tbd. I am finding travel to Nook quite exorbitant even from Iceland. Do you have any advice more cost effective ways to get there. charters, fly from Denmark…
    Underlying it all,, I am so excited to plan this trip.

    • Hi Daniel. Where are you coming from? That’s one thing that is the basis, Greenland just starts off at a higher price range. You could try and see if there are any flights from Copenhagen with Air Greenland that stop for an overnight in Kangerlussuaq. It takes longer to get to your final destination but you can totally explore Kangerlussuaq – ice cap, musk ox, etc. The link to info is here: https://www.airgreenland.com/campaigns/flight-tickets/overnight-connect. On another thought it might be cheaper to get to Tasiilaq or Kulusuk in East Greenland from Iceland. By the way, you should entertain competition currently running with http://www.Facebook.com/ilovegreenland – it’s a chance to get to Nuuk during the National Day!

  4. Have to admit growing up in Manitoba, Canada the thought of deliberately choosing to live in another cold place… brrrr! (hence living in India)

    However kudos to you for making a go of it for two years. Looking forward to reading your further adventures and where ever life takes you next!

  5. Sounds like such a unique adventure! I have special interest in the North as well (not yet made it anywhere besides Finland though :/ ). I am so looking forward to reading your stories from Greenland – a place so less known and fascinating!

  6. Hi Tanny,

    Hope you’re having a wonderful 2015 so far! And I do love your blog! I tried replying to your facebook message but I can’t due to some privacy settings . I would like to update you about my move to Nuuk but it would be great if I could write you pm me 😀
    Hear from you soon!

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  8. Hi Tanny, I stumbled upon your blog while preparing for a trip to Iceland in the winter and looking for good Arctic wear. What you’re doing is fantastic!

    I work for Mozilla (makers of the Firefox browser), specifically on making Firefox and Firefox for Android available in as many languages as humanly possible. I would love to connect with you about technology in Greenland and the Greenlandic language. I think it’d be super cool if there were a Greenlandic version of Firefox made by University of Greenland tech students 🙂


    • Hi Jeff, That would be cool! The University doesn’t offer any IT (it is mainly arts and social sciences, nursing and health and education) but let’s have a chat and see if anything comes out of it =) Cheers, Tanny

    • You would be welcome! I have a feeling that I may end up like you one day… rootless and toothless (due to eating too much cake!). I love Spain, so looking forward to reading about your travels and food antics! -Tanny

      • Well, if/when you happen to be hovering over Madrid, give me a shout. You never know, you might be ready for some serious sun after your stint in Greenland 🙂 Ooooh, food… is there anything better?!

        • When I was in Madrid it was literally 50 degrees…. no wonder the locals flee during the summer time! But I did love the city. It was so cool, with the palace and museums….

          I’m ready for the sun right now though!! =) Well, not the sun per se (I need sunglasses right now inside my office it’s so white and bright), just more warmth…


  9. What a great idea! Good luck on all of this … I was point

    ed here by Seeker … who mentioned that I had no hits / followers from Greenland. Most everywhere else, but not Greenland. Canada, yes. Iceland, yes. Australia, tons.

    I was starting to think there were no people actually living there in Greenland. 😉

  10. Hello, adventurous lady! I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Don’t worry if responding is not your cup of tea, it was more just a way to raise my glass in cheers to you – and give a few extra people the chance to read about your antics xx

  11. Awesome! Good for you! I did something similar a few years ago when I moved from California to Taiwan and then Hong Kong. Now, I will never be done traveling. Great blog!

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