About Tanny

Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China

Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China

Tanny grew up in Australia, in Sydney’s regular north-western suburbs. A third-culture kid twice removed, she was raised in a family with Malaysian-Chinese heritage eating food with a fork and spoon, but not being able to recognise a Beetles song from a Beach Boys number.

Her university education in communication and international studies took her all over the world – she first went to China in 2007 to live for a year. Besides having a blast and learning some Mandarin, she also researched about ethnic minorities in China and was particularly interested in how tourism impacted their way of living. A significant moment in China was when she met a strange Dane. She spent the next year abroad in Aarhus, Denmark on a university exchange program where she first learnt a bit about the North.

At the beginning of 2013, she ended up in Greenland almost by accident. But life is full of surprises and it would boring otherwise, right? you’re invited to learn more about her world as she tries to live a life in Greenland.

If you happen to be in Greenland and want to meet for a coffee or a walk around, you’re also welcome to get in touch! Just write a note here or on Facebook.

This is a personal blog. A summary of her professional profile is on LinkedIn.

Follow her on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for unique photos and stories which won’t be on this blog. Or if you’re the email type of person, sign up for an email update below.



28 thoughts on “About Tanny

  1. I just can’t resist responding!!! I taught this beautiful girl in Grade 4 in Australia. She showed enormous potential then…and I just LOVED her! I would like to think I had a small hand in the remarkable development of this amazing woman! Her family was wonderful too….and I feel it would be very wrong of me to take even the minutest credit for her achievements. She is the BEST!!!!!! Heath Coo

  2. Hi,
    I’m a student journalist from the UK and am particularly interested in Greenlandic culture. Would you be interested in an interview via emai/Skype?

    Please let me know,


  3. Hi – I will be traveling through Nuuk in early September. I work up on the ice cap but this will be my first time to Nuuk. Any advice about what to see/do in the area? And where to stay?

    • Hello! I’m sorry but I didn’t get a notification about your message and so have not replied. From September the tourist season starts to slow down, but if you’re here in the beginning of the month you’ll still be able to go to the ice cap – not that you need to, since you will be working there. There are a whole lot of fun things to do in Nuuk if you’re here for a few days.

      Lots of hiking opportunities, concerts going on, interesting events at the Cultural Centre. If you make friends in Nuuk then they will also open up doors you wouldn’t get access to otherwise.

      There is a new hostel called Inuk Hostels worth checking out, http://inukhostels.com/contact/. Otherwise, Airbnb is a great way to meet someone who lives here =) There’s also a few hotels and apartments – Hotel Hans Egede, Nordbo, etc.

      I hope you had a good time in Nuuk – what did you end up doing or seeing and staying?

  4. Hi Tanny!! What an amazing blog with so many interesting stories to tell!! I loved it….how interesting that you are living in Greenland, I really hope to go there some day 🙂 I will be around here more often. I wish you a great week!

  5. Hello Tanny, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and following it.

    I am so happy to see that you are in Greenland and so rare to see someone from there 🙂

    Name is Greenland and 90% white, Such a contrast right?

    But I found the reason behind the name from your blog itself.

    Your blog is awesome and pretty well written.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your stories,

    I’ll keep visiting The Fourth Continent.


  6. Good am, Tanny. Just to say, thank you for responding. Actually, there was another person before you but reluctant to be discovered. I’ve requested if I can show and tell about her. Mums the word. I do appreciate your reciprocity. Hopefully, you will still be there by the time I reach Greenland. Take Care. Seeker.

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  8. Hi Tanny,

    I’m a documentary development producer for Electric Sky, a factual TV production company based in the UK. I love your blog and write to you as I’m interested in speaking with someone who has first hand experience of living and working in Greenland as an ex-pat, an area I am looking into on behalf of my company for a potential observational documentary series.

    At Electric Sky we have a proven track record of making high quality prime-time documentary programming for both the major UK and US networks including Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery Channel and National Geographic to name but a few. You can peruse some of our work on our website which is at: http://www.electricskyproductions.tv.

    If you could drop me an email that would be greatly appreciated and I can tell you a bit more.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Edmond Buckley

  9. Hi Tammy,

    I’m Dom! Just replied you on Trip Advisor. Nice blog you have there! Do let me know when you are in Singapore! I will bring you around!

    • Thanks Dominic! Let me know if you make it to Nuuk, would be happy to meet. By the way, the airport is really close to my home – we pass it on the way ti the city everyday. Can’t get much closer! But if you look at the map you will see how small Nuuk is…

  10. Explore, explore, explore; live, live, live; learn, learn, learn; experience, experience, experience — that’s what we’re here for! Enjoy Greenland.

  11. Wow Tanny, What a great life you’re living … with a fantastic adventure on the horizon! I applaud your intrepid spirit and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Wishing you all the best, Terri

    • Thanks Terri. I’ve just started following your blog and have so far thoroughly enjoyed reading what you’ve written. Two round the world trips … Are you still working? 🙂 I would like to know more about you juggled travel with your careers too… 🙂

  12. Hi Tanny! Thank you for stopping by “Not Pretending”, and choosing to follow 🙂 Greenland, huh? I’m looking forward to your photos and impressions!

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