Wonderful Architecture Sites to Visit in Spain

Whenever thinking about Spanish architecture, we instantly go to Antoni Gaudi, who is arguably the most famous architect from the country, ever. However, there are many others that are well-known and that left incredible masterpieces all around the world.

Traveling to Spain instantly means you are surrounded by stunning architecture. However, some sites are much better than others. Spain’s architecture is a great mix of European trends, surreal modernism and Moorish influences.

If you want to see the best that Spain has to offer in terms of architecture, seriously consider the following amazing sites.

Architectural Sites in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is by far the architect that influenced Barcelona the most. It is impossible to miss his work, especially when you go on a trip that is by foot or by Segway. Always think about these sites when you create your to-visit list:

  • La Sagrada Familia – The cathedral that was started by Antoni Gaudi and was not finished, together with the beautiful La Sagrada Familia school, which was raised to accommodate children of people that worked on the cathedral’s construction.
  • Colegio Teresiano – A wonderful building, one of the first commissions of Antoni Gaudi.
  • Casa Vicens – A Moorish/Gothic house that was designed for a businessman.
  • Casa Batlo – Gaudi’s famous remodeling and colorful job.
  • Barcelona Cathedral – An incredibly beautiful Gothic cathedral.
  • Hotel Porta Fira – A hotel that was built in 2010 and designed by Toyo Ito, Pritzker Laureate.


  • The Guggenheim Bilbao – Built in 1997 and responsible for making Frank Gehry famous.
  • Fosterito – Norman Foster. English architect, designed this high-technology train station in 1995.


  • Monastery at El Escorial – This is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site that is popular because of the historic association it had with royalty. It is located to the Northwest of the city, at a distance of around 35 miles.
  • Roman Aqueduct – Located in Segovia and dating back to 50 AD.
  • CaixaForum – This Madrid museum was popular due to the work of de Meuron and Herzog, worldwide renowned Swiss architects.

Santiago de Compostela

  • Santiago de Compostela Cathedral – A destination for pilgrims, located at Way of St. James’ end.
  • City of Culture of Galicia – Peter Eisenman is responsible for this ongoing project.


In Valencia, you absolutely need to visit the City of Arts and Sciences. This is a complex with numerous educational buildings. They are the work of Santiago Calatrava.


In Seville, there are not many interesting architecture sites that can be visited. The two that instantly stand out are Alamillo Bridge and Alcazar Palace. However, Cordoba, which is around 90 miles away from the city, is a wonderful destination to consider. Seville is also one the best places for solo female travelers in Spain.

In Cordoba, you can find the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It is located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Historic Centre of Cordoba. This is a cathedral and a mosque, a hybrid, according to UNESCO.

It joins interesting architectural values of the West and the East. You will not find a similar structure anywhere else in the world. This even includes double arches, which are known in religious architecture associated with Islam.




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